Dez Bryant embracing a leadership role

These comments about leading by example and showing the other players around him that everyone should go hard on every play…

Dez Talks leadership with Cowboys

Positivity. Right now things are going good for Dez Bryant. He’s looking better in OTA’s as he’s leaner which allows him to be quicker on the field.

Off the field he’s staying away from the headlines.

Love his comments about Brandon Carr. You want the guy across from you in practice to push you to the brink everyday. That attitude amongst the players makes the team better.

Now I would not be me if I didn’t ask this question.

Is this it? Is this the new Dez that we will see for the rest of his career?

Time will tell us.


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4 Responses to Dez Bryant embracing a leadership role

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    In practice, Michael Irvin ran routes until he puked, every day. When Dez Bryant does that, then he will become the next No. 88.

    Attitude will only take you so far. It takes work, hard work. Bryant has to push himself, like Irvin did, so he doesn’t disappear in the second half.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Anonymous, cute screen name by the way, do the letters F.O. mean anything to you?

    If Bryant isn’t pushing himself to the point that he’s puking in practice, then he’s not pushing himself. And he will continue to fade in the second half.

    On the day he was drafted, I said way too much is expected of this kid. And I was right. He’s been a major disappointment on and off the field. Maybe this year he gets it all together. Maybe he doesn’t. Only time will tell. It took Michael Irvin three years to become the Playmaker.

    As far as you saying I shouldn’t be a Cowboys fan, boy, I’ve been a Cowboys fan since before your father even had an itch in his pants. And you can kiss my royal blue butt star.

  3. waus says:

    Before he does that, I would suggest that he attempts to embrace the playbook.

  4. WestCoast_Cowboys'N'Kings says:

    haha all the anger, i thought we were all rooting for the same team here. i see both sides, i dont like Dez because of whats going on in his head but he has a hell of a lot of upside if he ever figures it out. Its not for lack of effort, Its lack of studying.

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