Brandon Carr talks Defense on The Hardline

There isn’t one person who isn’t impressed with Brandon Carr out at the Cowboy’s OTA’s these past few weeks…

Brandon Carr talks Defense on The Hardline

I like his attitude about focusing on his job. There has to be a collective thought among the defenders that they need to be accountable for thei role on the field on every play.

Carr is still pretty young, but that contract means he should be looked at as one of the leaders in the secondary. Terence Newman never embraced that role no matter how much money Jerry Jones threw at him over the years.


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One Response to Brandon Carr talks Defense on The Hardline

  1. chunk chavez says:

    Can somebody explain to me why Scandrick is the nickel corner as of right now? Is it because he’s done such a great job at it in the past? Jenkins isn’t great but he’s not vomit-inducing. I understand that Scandrick has more experience at nickel, but what does it matter if it’s just the experience of getting burned repeatedly. The thing that pisses me off about our secondary even more than scandrick making more than revis this year is that they repeatedly take themselves out of plays and try to get blocked. Jenkins is a better cover guy sure, but I’ve seen him on more than one occasion take himself out of plays or make no effort on plays. We just can’t win with clowns like this, but knowing jerry that means they’ll get paid again.

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