Bob Lilly calls Cowboys toughness into question

Sounds like Bob Lilly would like to see some of the Cowboys players playing some minor injuries instead of sitting out games…

This team was pretty beat up last season. There are very few players on the Cowboys right now who can compare themselves to a Bob Lilly when it comes to toughness. Jason Witten is definitely one guy who can get in that conversation alongside Mr. Cowboy.

Very good stuff in here about Staubach having a lot of concussions and still being a very sharp man. I feel for the older players suffering these days and you wish all of them could be like Staubach who just seemed to get lucky.

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3 Responses to Bob Lilly calls Cowboys toughness into question

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tony Romo Can too after playing Hurt half the season and for what he did in san fransisco, not to mention the last game of the season with the swollen hand, no one can challenge his toughness after this season. What do you thing DCfanatic?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t question Romo’s toughness to gut it out playing thru a injury but I will question his mental toughness. I don’t think he makes the smartest decisions when the pressure is at it’s highest.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Bob Lilly is the greatest Cowboy ever. And he’s exactly right, you play through pain and you play through dings. Actual injuries are another matter.

    Roger Staubach retired after 10 documented concussions. He probably could have kept playing, but he decided to leave the game and start a real estate company. He mostly dealt with commercial rental offices, but it was nation wide. He actually joked about how hard it was to open an office in Washington. But in the end he sold his real estate network for some $60 million. And he said that it cost him more to get a suite at Cowboys Stadium than he was ever paid as a player.

    80% of football players are dead broke within two years after leaving the league. Look at Terrel Owens. This guy blew tens of millions, and now he can’t even keep or get a job in the Indoor Football League.

    There is a differnce between a football player and a Cowboy. Cowboys win, on and off the field. The football players just go the way of all things.

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