Bruce Carter talks about the 2012 season

Here’s Bruce Carter on The Blitz with Mickey Spagnola talking about the upcoming 2012 season…

He doesn’t read and react nearly as fast as Sean Lee, but he’s a step faster so he can get to the ball carrier all over the field. If he winds up losing the battle for the starting job to Dan Connor the Cowboys will be disappointed. As long as he isn’t another Jason Williams it’s not a disaster. Some are saying he may only play a role this season similar to the one Kevin Burnett played for a few years.


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3 Responses to Bruce Carter talks about the 2012 season

  1. Glenn says:

    What it comes down to is that it’s been almost 2 years since the guy has had regular snaps. I’ve heard the same thing on the reaction time and that is something that comes from reps & learning the scheme. Many learn by being on the field more than the classroom. Word also had that last week was better than the 1st week. If he’s really that good (1st round grade) he’ll come along during camp.

  2. Anonymous says:

    he just needs more experience and that will come from reps and games. He missed everything last year. His first practice was against the eagles. He did some good things almost pick 6 against the seahawks , ran down maclin and block punt. Just give him some time. There is no need to rush him

  3. Farrin says:

    Lets be real about this Dan Connor was crap in Carolina. Did you see how teams ran and threw up and across the middle. He’s a younger but still slow Brookings. Carter is faster and should get better with time in the lineup. If Carter does not beat him out for the job , we are in trouble in that position

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