Broaddus not impressed with Cowboys young WR’s

Here’s Bryan Broaddus talking Quarterbacks with 105.3 The Fan earlier today…

Broaddus on 105.3 The Fan

The players are not going to hate on Jenkins although I do think they are looking at him as a weak minded player.

Good news on Dez and Miles getting in good work as we head for training camp. Not good news on the young kids who are competing for the 3rd WR job.

I would love to hear from Bruce Carter.

How about Mo Claiborne and Dez Bryant play CB and WR. Let a guy like Dwayne Harris sit as the 4th WR and return everything.


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5 Responses to Broaddus not impressed with Cowboys young WR’s

  1. Anonymous says:

    The only people who view Jenkins are weak minded are fans. Because fans don’t understand it’s a business. Players understand the NFL is cold-hearted business.

    • Glenn says:

      Very true, one of the cruelest businesses out there. Always looking to upgrade any player or save a dollar on their cap. Part of you pulls for the player because their careers are so short. Yet, it’s your team and you want them to make moves to improve, which generally means cutting, dumping, releasing a player you’ve rooted for the last 4 or 5 years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fans only view jenkins as weak minded. You got to remember that broaddus only saw two practis out of six. I’ve seen broaddus twitter feed and he’s said good things about carter, holmes and some kid named isaac madison whi probably won’t make the team. I pay no mind to what he or any other media person says about otas. Its about training camp and preseason. Broaddus is the same guy who said if we cut gurode we would be fine with costa and that costa is on the same level as gurode. Maybe costa gets better but I doubt it

  3. Glenn says:

    Was hoping to hear a little more positive stuff on the WR’s, but it’s still early. Happy to hear that he liked what he’s seen of Dez so far. Haven’t heard that in the past, so that’s a positive. Seems like the OTA’s really helped Carter, as BB noticed an improvement from one week to the other.

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    Yes, well, last year was the most pass happy season in history. But look for more and more teams return to a strong running game this year.

    See, the problem with the pass oriented offense is that there really aren’t too many quarterbacks that can successfully guide one. Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, and . . . the list gets real short real quick.

    So I’m not all that worried about these young receivers. Yeah, it’s important to have a good receiving corps. Every quarterback needs a go to guy and a safety blanket, but a good running back is every quarterback’s best friend.

    Besides, with a full off-season to prepare, defenses are already breaking down passing schemes and designing blitz and coverage packages. It won’t be as easy to throw the ball as it was last year. So running the ball takes on increased importance this year. I can only pray that Garrett gets the memo.

    I just want Murray to return stronger than before and for Felix Jones to step up. I am a little worried, actually make that a lot worried, about the offensive line. I really wish Dallas had taken that center out of Wisconsin, Konz, in the draft, because I don’t have very much faith in Costa.

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