At least Ware can say what needs to happen for Cowboys

At least Ware can say what needs to happen for Cowboys…

It’s painful to watch him say that stuff knowing that this team just flopped around at the end of the 2011 season. Ware is a great guy and players like him, Witten and Romo deserve a championship after all the hard work they put in over the years.


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2 Responses to At least Ware can say what needs to happen for Cowboys

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    C’mon, Fanatic, the Cowboys have flopped around in December for years now. I don’t know why, but I suspect it’s because they’ve become accustomed to losing. There’s no excuse for that. It’s only when you get tired of losing, when you get really pissed off about losing, that you start winning. “Next Year’s Champions,” the “Bridesmaids of the NFL” found that out the hard way.

    I’ll tell you another of my favorite stories about the Cowboys. In 1971, they finally got on a roll, started winning. Then Ralph Neely broke his ankle riding a motorcycle. Tom Landy called Tony Liscio, who was barbequing in his backyard at the time, and asked him, “Hey, Tony, you want to come in and do some blocking for us?” Championship game, Liscio comes into the huddle and breaks down, starts crying, and said, “C’mon guys, I ain’t never won anything in my life.” The rest of the guys felt so sorry for him, it motivated them to win, and win big. Tony Liscio did not allow one sack of Roger Staubach in any game he played, including the Super Bowl, by the way.

    I think there’s a culture of complancy in Dallas that Jerry Jones has allowed to develop. It started after 96, but it continues to this day. Yeah, that’s right, I blame Jerry Jones for everything. But I don’t hate the man. I truly believe he is possessed of a demon. I hate the demon.

    You should read Peter King’s MMQ on from yesterday. He writes about how the Houston Texans and why they released several of their top draft picks from the last three years. He explains the philosophy of their GM Rick Smith, who studied management in the NFL and in business. Smith takes the 10-70-10 rule seriously. 10% of your roster is elite players, who have to be nutured. 70% of your roster is role players, who have to be developed. The other 10% is experimental players, try outs as it were, who have to be given a chance. A successful manager is constantly churning the roster. “I don’t have the emotional attachment to players that a coach has,” Smith explains.

    King calls it “General Managment 101.” Jerry Jones never took that course. He’s too emotionally attached to the players he drafts and signs. He lets them hang around for far too long, even when they underperform, and overpays and coddles them. That’s the reason why the Cowboys haven’t won anything in the last decade and a half.

    But you’re right, it is painful to watch these Cowboys talk about winning, while explaining away or ignoring the losing.

  2. sanantonio says:

    Ware is no Ray Lewis who is not only a great player but also one that is rooted in reality. Ray doesn’t shy away from accepting the way things are, his speech after the Ravens loss in the playoffs last year had me wanting to run through a brick wall for him. Ware is just a great athlete that is to worried about hurting a team mates feelings which is why he will never be the leader and motivator we really need.

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