DeMarcus Ware needs to make up his mind

At some point in time I am going to stop hoping DeMarcus Ware can a great leader…

Here Galloway and Company talking about Ware’s comments about ‘the haters’ on Cowherd today…

I hope that day comes. I would gladly shut up in criticizing the Cowboys if they could at least get to an NFC Championship game.


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13 Responses to DeMarcus Ware needs to make up his mind

  1. Lew Johnson says:

    Great player,But a leader he is not. He is to much of a nice guy and does not want to upset anyone.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Bob Lilly was a nice guy as well, but between the snap and the whistle you didn’t want to go up against him. But he would help you up after he knocked you on your ass.

    Same with Dick Butkus, one of my favorite non-Cowboy players. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet, off the field. On the field, however, he was a force to be reckoned with.

    I don’t see that in Ware. He is a great athlete, and he does make plays. But he’s not a leader. Lilly and Butkus not only led on the field but in practice and the locker room, by example.

    I don’t see that in any of these Cowboys. Staubach hated to lose, even at dominoes, just like Emmitt Smith. Back in the day, Dallas was led by determined men. Lilly, Staubach, Jordan, the list goes on, men who refused to lose.

    Today, it’s “we need to get better” or “we will improve.” That is not the same as saying, “we will win.”

    Lilly said it. Staubach said it. Aikman said it. Irvin said it. On the field, in practice and in the locker room. Going on TV and saying it doesn’t mean squat, if it doesn’t show up in the win/loss collumn. It means less than nothing, if it doesn’t result in a championship.

    These Cowboys are just happy to be Cowboys. Are they determined to win?

    We shall see. And, yes, the window is closing, if it isn’t already shut.

  3. sanantonio says:

    Demarcus is a great athlete but a leader let alone a great one? The two are not congruent and that’s ok but it would be nice if he could have a definative opinion and stick to it without worrying about keeping both sides happy. A leader leads come hell or high water and Demarcus sounds like anything but.

  4. 3 of his 19.5 sacks on third down says it all…. Not unlike 9 or 82 just another guy who puts up decent #’s but never wins… There schedule has 6-10 written all over it but I’m sure Romo Fanatic the teams staunches critic will pick them to win EVERY WEEK…

  5. Anonymous Fan says:

    Ware isn’t a leader because…? Oh, he makes the same scripted, cliched remarks that nearly every professional athlete makes. Or because he seems like a “nice” guy? Or because he got 3 sacks on third down? That commenter provided no context – for all I know that could be a higher percentage than Jared Allen, James Harrison, etc. And of course no one actually provided a criteria for what a “leader” actually is either.

    In other words, no one knows if Ware is a leader, but that doesn’t stop the idle speculation.

    • Dee says:

      “In other words, no one knows if Ware is a leader,”

      You’ve just proven their point; they DON’T know if he’s a leader because it rarely shows. Ravens fans, Steelers fans, Patriots fans, Packers fans, and Giants fans KNOW who their teams’ leaders are, whereas, with the Cowboys, the question still remains.

      We acknowledge that Ware is a fabulous player, and he posts great statistical numbers, but his impact is lacking. In 2011, Ware’s best game came in a 34-7 loss against the Eagles. Over the past two seasons, the Cowboys have had defenses that ranked from mediocre to the worst in franchise history. When you’re the best defensive player on bad defenses, that’s not saying much. Truthfully, Ware doesn’t elevate the players around him, and it has been quite a while since I saw him truly take over a game. Granted, it’s not Ware’s fault that he doesn’t have as much help as many of us would like, but truly great players find a way to impose their will in nearly every circumstance, and Ware just hasn’t risen to the occasion. In critical moments of games, he seems to be more known for off-sides penalties than making a game-changing/game-ending play. Since the Saints game in 2009, can we name one game in which Ware completely took over?

      I am not in favor of a player throwing his teammates under the bus, but I found Hatcher’s comments regarding the lack of leadership of this team to be very telling. Witten and Ware can deny his comments all they want, but Hatcher made his comments for a reason; the leadership is still in question. When you’re not winning, then that tells me, the leadership isn’t good enough and needs improvement.

      • Anonymous Fan says:

        I think the elephant in the room here is this: what is a leader, exactly? What characteristics do leaders have? Are the characteristics invariably the same in each leader, or can they vary? And one can think of other questions to ask. Until this question, what is a leader, is answered, then the arguments are speculative at best, and irrelevant at worst. If one can’t answer what a leader is – then how can they assess whether a certain person is a leader?

  6. Anonymous says:

    DC Fanatic who you got your boy Justin DUI Blackmon or DEZ????

    • You don’t realize it but you are insulting Dez Bryant by saying this. lol. Giving the kid a pat on his back because he hasn’t been arrested. Classic. Like he was supposed and didn’t so reward him.

      And let’s see what Blackmon does on thw field this season.

      • jason bandsor says:

        this is Blackmon’s 2nd DUI offense he blew 3 time over the legal limit he will get wrapped by the NFL I Know you hate Dez its obvious sayin all that this isn’t good and you can spin it anyway you want to but the fact of the matter is this poster who says you kill Dez at every occasion is pointing out not paying for Jewellery or having your pants down in a mall is a little different than getting behind a wheel of a car where you could KILL SOMBODY 3 times over the legal limit after getting Popped for a DUI before…

        • Boomer Sooner says:

          No player in NFL in the last 5 yrs BLEW OVER as much as Blackmon did That is astounding and kinda scary and sad according to the article here is the quote.

          We did some digging and couldn’t find an NFL player in the past five years who approached Blackmon’s .24 on a DUI arrest. The severity of the situation might not change how discipline is handled, but it’s an eye-opener nonetheless.

          All the he said she said stuff here aside about who is a better WR this situation is just stupid on Blackmon’s part.

        • Find me the quotes where I ever compared the two off the field. I knew Blackmon already had a dui.

          I said he is more ready to become a #1 WR faster than Dez.

          You Dez fanatics are silly. I love the low standard you set for the guy.

          Dez hasn’t been arrested for a dui yet let’s throw him a party, lol.

  7. The Soothsayer says:

    I’ll tell you what a leader is, Anonymous.

    When Bob Lilly walked up to Randy White on his first day at Valley Ranch and said, “Rookie, we’re going to the Super Bowl and we’re going to win.” That’s a leader.

    When Roger Stauback would change the play call in the huddle and win the game. That’s a leader.

    When Staubach, while he was changing the play in the huddle, would turn to Drew Pearson and ask, “Can you get open?” Pearson would say, “Yes.” That’s a leader.

    When Charlie Waters, the only player who truly understood the Flex, would walk up to Tom Landry and say, “Coach, we need to be doing this on defense.” That’s a Leader.

    When Michael Irvin showed on his first day at Valley Ranch and yelled, “Can lightning strike twice?” Then proceeded to become the hardest worker on the practice field. That’s a leader.

    When Troy Aikman, at a press conference after the devastating loss to San Francisco in 94, said, “We will win our third Super Bowl.” Or when at training camp at St. Edwards, he deliberately overthrew a receiver who slowed down on his route as the ball sailed over his head, Aikman barked, “In Dallas, we don’t stop running till the ball hits the ground.” That’s a leader.

    When Emmitt Smith dislocated his shoulder, had the trainers pop it back in, then returned to the field and played through grueling pain to win the game against the Giants. That’s a leader.

    There are numerous other examples, but you get the point. Leadership is setting the example for your teammates, in the locker room, on the practice field, and in the game. It’s what make the rest of the team elevate their level of performance. It’s what motivates men to win.

    Saying “our window is closing” is not leadership. Rather, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Saying “we need to improve” is not leadership. It’s an admission of underperformance.

    You never would have heard Staubach or Aikman, or any of the other storied leaders the Cowboys have had in the past, say “we’re running out of time.” No, they all would have said, “Give us one more down.” The former is admitting you’re losing. The latter is stating you’re determined to win.

    “Coaching is getting men to do what they do not want to do, in order to get them to achieve what they want to achieve.” –Tom Landry. That’s leadership.

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