GAC: Can you believe anything Rob Ryan says these days?

The fellas at Galloway and Company talk about all the stuff Rob Ryan says about his players…

GAC talk about Rob Ryan talking up his players

He is entertaining, but when he talks up his players all the time and then the defense comes out and stinks it up people are going to get tired of his talking.

If this defense flops this season I am not sure Ryan will be around for 2013.


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4 Responses to GAC: Can you believe anything Rob Ryan says these days?

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    I’m more concerned about Ware’s neck strain. He had problems with neck and back pains last season. He sprained his neck in 09, strained his neck in 10, and suffered a neck stinger in 11. And now he’s strained his neck in 12, in a light practice before mini-camp even started.

    This is a concern because it appears to be a recurring injury. Maybe that neck sprain in 09, when he was carted off the field, was more serious than anyone wants to admit. That scared the hell out of me, because the last thing I want to see is any player paralyzed. Ware didn’t miss any games because of it though, but if he keeps suffering neck sprains, strains and stingers, eventually it’s going to have a deleterious effect on his ability to perform. As Ware goes, so goes the defense. The Cowboys don’t have a pass rush without him.

    Several other players are dealing with minor injuries. Spencer has a neck strain too, as does Spears. Ratliff has a foot injury, and Lissemore a side injury. Clairborne is coming off wrist surgery, Bernadeau off hip surgery. And we haven’t even gotten to training camp yet.

    It’s early in the off-season, I know. Perhaps all these injuries are, as Garrett calls them, “superficial.” But if any of the top players miss significant playing time, this team is doomed because it has no depth.

    There was an interesting article by Bob Sturm over at about the “dark hole” in the draft during the Phillips era. I really don’t blame Wade too much for that, as he never was more than a figurehead coach. I blame Jerry Jones. Those were the years when players should have been recruited to provide depth today.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unless Ware becomes a better leader

      I am not sure his play compensate enough

      Some of these rookies look up to the task

      Its gonna happen sooner or later

  2. Anonymous says:

    All of Rob Ryans non-verbal communications indicates he is not at all pleased with Carr

    It could be why Jerry Jones is saying we will keep Jenkins

    Watch the R Ryan Tape about 1:00 minute into it ….

  3. Rob Ryan likes to talk it up to boost player confidence but talk is cheap. Success will bring real confidence. I blogged on this topic.

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