Broaddus observations from Wednesday OTA’s

Bryan Broaddus had some great notes from the Wednesday OTA practices, read here.

On defense, Victor Butler and Jason Hatcher were playing with a purpose on Wednesday. Both were difficult to block with any consistency. On one rush, Hatcher exploded off the snap and was to Tyron Smith’s corner before he could even react, which is difficult to do because Smith is so good away from the line of scrimmage. On that same play, Butler beat Phil Costa inside which would have resulted in a sack. Later in the blitz pickup period, Hatcher and Butler ran a twist on Smith and Nate Livings that got a sack. Hatcher got such a push on Livings that when Butler came around inside, Smith was off balance to help, as was Livings, which allowed Butler a clean path to Romo.

Maybe this will finally be the year Jason Garrett tells Rob Ryan to get Victor Butler more opportunities to go get the QB. Costa can not be a starter this season.


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One Response to Broaddus observations from Wednesday OTA’s

  1. Glenn says:

    Believe they wanted to replace Costa but that injury to Bernadeau is making their plan hard to implement by moving one of the guards into that center spot. We’ll see, still May.

    As for Butler, there has to be something they see that we don’t see that has limited his snaps. I think he’s more productive per snap than Spencer but hey, they don’t ask me! They obviously aren’t excited about Spencer, as they haven’t done anything to sign him long term. Which I hope they don’t. Don’t see him becoming a Pro Bowl player in his 6th year?

    Seems they want to see what Wilbur can do or use a high draft choice next year to replace Spencer. I’ve thought Butler has been productive in the snaps he gets in passing downs. However he has missed a few running plays. But then I see Spencer get suckered inside on bootlegs & sweeps and too often to suit me, gets out of gap control and creates a lane to waltz through. That’s why it wouldn’t have bothered me if they cut ties with Spencer. He’s ok and sometimes he makes a play, but then he doesn’t have any impact for weeks at a time. Let’s see what Butler can do this preseason in more than mop up spot duty!

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