Should Dez Bryant be returning punts?

In my opinion there is no way Dez Bryant should be returning punts unless it’s the 4th quarter and the Cowboys are tied or down by 14 or less points…

Archer talks Bryant returning punts on Ben and Skin

Part of me not wanting him returning  punts on a regular basis is that he’s had moments in the past where he was gassed in games and had to come off the field. Throw in the injury factor and no way he returns punts on a regular basis.

And I will admit this. If Laurent Robinson was still on the roster I would maybe allow Dez to do more punt returning. Right now I am scared if the season begins and none of these young WR’s have stepped up to take the #3 job.

That Jerry whisper is dead on and I’m glad he said it. Time to stop coddling these underacheiving players.

Good stuff about Garrett taking more control during the practice and telling guys to shut up about the refs. Be the boss Garrett5000!




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2 Responses to Should Dez Bryant be returning punts?

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    That was an interesting discussion. But these guys are missing the point. You don’t see Kraft or Mara talking about their players or coaches. You’ll never see the owner of Green Bay talking about players or coaches, because it’s the only publicly owned franchise–there is no owner, only share holders. Those are the three most successful teams over the last decade, the Patriots, the Giants and the Packers. That’s what 6 of the last 10 Super Bowls, and those teams are still in contention.

    We have Jerry out there all over the media talking about his window, calling out his players and praising his hand-picked coach. To me it’s like he’s saying, “You’re not making me look good. You’re not living up to the stadium I built. But I love my redheaded stepchild.” What a joke this man has become.

  2. Glenn says:

    I get your point on him risking injury, but then sadly that’s a risk on every player in every game and during every play. Dez is clearly the most talented at returning kicks of anyone on the squad that I’m aware of. A problem this team has had is the inability to shorten the field. Either with turnovers or a quality gain on a return. Long fields, I believe contribute to our low points per game totals as they relate to our yardage gained. We start at our 20 pick up 3 firsts and we may come away with zip.. We rarely get a cheap 7 or even 3’s as we force Romo & company to always put some sort of serious drive together. Great yardage stats but points win games. If you have someone on the roster who can turn a weakness into a strength you have to take that risk.

    That being said, I’d measure the usage. First he’s got great hands for punts, not everyone does. If he’s deep in our territory, take the FC and live for another day. If it’s no deeper than our 25 and returnable go for it, otherwise consider the FC or a quick 5-10 yards and get down. Which brings us to the bigger problem with our boy Dez. He doesn’t want to go down! They have to reach him that it’s ok to get down. He can’t allow teams to stand him up and blast him. Does it on receptions and returns. Has to learn that before he does get injured.

    They guy can be a playmaker on returns and not using him that way is limiting the ability of the team. On the flip side, he’s a talented receiver who can make plays and will hopefully continue to learn his route running and become a major force. To lose him to injury would be painful to the squad. He’s suffered a high ankle sprain in training camp, a broken leg / ankle when Gronkowski blew that block, which could have happened anywhere. The deep thigh bruise last year is the result of his not wearing thigh pads and could happen on any play at any time.

    I’d be aggressively cautious but not using all your weapons does bite them in the win column!

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