Was Jerry Jones sending Romo a message today?

Was Jerry Jones sending Romo a message today?

Maybe Jerry took Romo’s comments as him being a little too comfortable. That window doesn’t even exist in my opinion because this team has never been anywhere close to the Super Bowl. Hopefully someone let’s Romo know that going against the boss isn’t all that smart if he wants to keep his job.


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7 Responses to Was Jerry Jones sending Romo a message today?

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    I like Romo, think he’s a good quarterback. And he’s right about a sense of urgency. There is a lot of pressure on these guys to perform, because they are the Dallas Cowboys. I think most of that pressure comes from the fans, who are tired of the losing. But he’s wrong about the window not closing. Oh, it’s closing all right, and pretty soon it will be nailed shut.

    If I remember correctly, Jerry Jones said, “My window is closing.” And then he mentioned Romo, Witten and Ware. Yeah, those guys can’t play forever. I figure they got another two or three years before age catches up with them and their skills decline. The problem then will be who will replace them?

    Look, Irvin and Aikman fell into Jerry’s lap. Drafting Emmitt was Johnson’s idea. They won Super Bowls, because they had a strong offensive line and a shut down defense that didn’t fold. Those teams were built by Landry and Johnson, not Jerry.

    Anyone besides me remember that press conference after the 94 NFC championship loss to the 49ers? Aikman said, “We will win our third Super Bowl.” And they did.

    Now, there is a big difference between saying “we will win” and saying “we need to get better.” One is attitudinal and determinitive, the other hopeful.

    After 96, the team that Landry and Johnson built fell apart because of free agent flight. Switzer did have a hand in the 95 championship team, but he lost the players shortly thereafter. And then what happened? Jerry Jones.

    He did not maintain the offensive line or develop the backup quarterback position. Most of his draft picks, trades and free agent signings, not to mention coaching hires, have been busts. The result is one playoff victory over a decade and a half.

    Now he says that he will decide when and which windows open and close? Jerry, the only window that ever opened for you was when you bought the team. As a die hardest fan, what have you done for me lately? Besides stick your ugly mug in front of every camera, in desperate search of the spotlight, and say something stupid, I mean.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Like it or not Jerry is right, He does decide when he feels it’s time to move in another direction and I think he was talking directly to Romo who only has 2 years left on his deal. Jerry may not want to give him a extension at 34 years old. Romo did come across as being a little too comfortable and I think Jerry got a little pissed about it. Romo doesn’t have enough skins on the wall to go against the owner like that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why should Romo care if Jerry thinks the windows is closing ? If Romo has a different opinion about it then so be it. It doesn’t matter if Romo comes across as “comfortable”, because he plays like an elite quarterback every year good enough to get into the playoffs. Its the rest of the team that needs this so called “urgency” to play at a high level on a consistent basis.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bottom line Jerry is the man writing the checks and you don’t disagree with your boss in public like that. So you’re saying Romo was responsible for our 1playoff win and the rest of the team is responsible for the losses? There were plenty of times when the defense did it’s job of holding teams to fg’s instead of td’s and the offense couldn’t do a thing. I still say the Detroit loss was the one that kept us out of the playoffs. Absolutely no way you lose that game .

  4. sanantonio says:

    Jerry ain’t going to do jack shyt but resign Romo when the time comes. Romo’s don’t grow on trees and if anyone has forgotten the turds we had back there before him I suggest google. Jerry just needs to sit back and enjoy his “miracle” lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not so sure Romo will be here long term. If the Cowboys don’t make a serious run this year I think Jerry will go in a different direction with the coach or the qb. Jerry was serious about saying the window was closing. The rest of the team better get the message or they won’t be around much longer.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jerry’s an idiot it’s not like he actually knew what he had in Romo he said it himself “Romo was a miracle.” What’s he going to do go down to the QB store to find another one? The only direction Jerry needs to go in is finding a real (and I stress REAL) GM we all know it won’t happen but you can’t keep laying blame all around you and 30 years later saying ok my bad.

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