Cowboys back in action at OTA’s

Just going to run this one entry today and go find all the info on the OTA’s I can dig up. Then later on tonight around 7 or 8 I will throw up link to tonight’s DCFanatic Radio episode where we will be talking to Cowboys OLB Adrian Hamilton about the OTA’s.

Jerry says once again he won’t be trading Mike Jenkins

If some team comes along and offers the Cowboys a 2013 second or third round draft pick then Jerry better do the smart thing. Take the deal. I have enough faith in Mario Butler as the 4th CB and I also have faith in the Safeties to be on the field with the top three CB’s.

Jerry talks about how no one will need Jenkins more than the Cowboys next year. I hope he’s talking about this upcoming 2012 season because there is no way Jenkins will be on the Cowboys in 2013 if Scan, Mo and Carr are still on the team. The entire reason he’s staying away is because he thinks that he is a starter in the NFL and with Carr and Mo here they will be starting.

I can’t wait until Scandrick gives up a TD and everyone starts screaming that Jenkins should be the Nickel CB. Then one of the Cowboys is going to say something that can be twisted into looking like he said he wants Jenkins on the field more than Scandrick. Fun times are coming.

Rob Ryan talks about OTA’s – May 30


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6 Responses to Cowboys back in action at OTA’s

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why would you start Mo. C against the Giants? The Boys should start Jenkins and be Mo. C along slowly. DC, Jenkins has the talent and skill to be the best CB on the team. Plus, what happen is Scandrick or Mo. C gets hurt? Why not keep a quality starter NFL CB in the fold?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the comment above. We need depth at corner. I like mario butler going against fourth and fifth corners but he was undrafted and they’re talking about having four corners on the field at a time against teams like the giants. With the passing attacks we are facing this year we need jenkins

  3. DKnucklehead says:

    Disappointed of the news about Radway. I was hoping he’d be one of those guys that’d step up and replace Robinson’s production, but his stiffness is a sign he hasn’t fully recovered either physically or mentally from his injury, hope it’s the latter.

  4. chunk chavez says:

    can someone please explain to me why scandrick is the nickel right now? Scandrick is infectious human waste and I think making more than Revis this year thanks to some genius General Managing. Arguably one of the worst corners in the league will be making more then the best CB in football.

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