Nantz: Romo told me Hawkins named after Ben Hogan

This is great evidence for the people who blast Tony Romo in saying he can’t win a Super Bowl because he loves golf more than football…

Weird that I really wasn’t checking out much golf today and when I turn it on for a few minutes I catch this little segment, lol.

And for the record this has nothing to do with Romo not being able to win big games. There are a bunch of other players on the field during a football game folks.

Tony Romo does more than enough to win games.

Write this down. After the Lions game last season I was so disappointed in Romo that I changed my mind on believing he could take the Cowboys to a championship.

As of today I am back on board the Romo bandwagon. Romo can and will lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory at some point in time.


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35 Responses to Nantz: Romo told me Hawkins named after Ben Hogan

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    I have never doubted Tony Romo’s ability as a quarterback. I was at the game when he took over, after half time in 06. His first pass was an interception. I was also at the game when he lost the divisional round to the Giants, the last playoff game ever played at Texas Stadium. His last pass was an interception in the end zone.

    He’s a good quarterback, but he’s no Staubach or Aikman. Do I think the Cowboys can win with him? Yeah, I actually do. But it’s a team sport. Offense, defense and special teams.

    When the rest of the guys step up, the Cowboys will win. Until such time, they’ll only be just another .500 team.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tony Romo will NEVER lead the Cowboys to a championship…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Romo will never lead this team to a SuperBowl, He just has too much gunslinger in his game that gets him in trouble. The only way they win it is if they have a dominant run game and dominant defense. We need to have a more balanced offense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Garrett needs to stop panicking whenever this team gets down a couple of scores. He totally abandons the run if it’s not going early. He needs to commit to the running game because it takes pressure off Romo.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just don’t believe you guys watch the same games that I do…

    Tony Romo is a BETTER QB than Staubach or Aikman ever were… That’s right, I said it, and I believe it. The only difference is the lack of hardware because Romo is head and shoulders above both of them as a player. If either Aikman or Staubach were the QB for the Cowboys over the past couple of seasons they would spend more time on IR/PUP list than you would ever care to imagine.

    Staubach wasn’t a gunslinger? Puh-LEEEEZE… Aikman didn’t make enough mistakes for you to want to choke him at times? Get real… I’ve been a Cowboy fan since 1974, and don’t get me wrong, I loved those guys, I mimmicked Roger as a young boy and idolized Aikman as a fan, but you guys hammering Romo because of your shear lack of football vision and distorted view of this teams history is just hilarious.

    You folks always seem to forget the fact that both Staubach and Aikman played with VAUNTED defenses, most of which were ranked number one or ‘close to’ during those Super Bowl seasons.

    Let’s also not forget the RB’s that the two had AND the fact that Aikman played behind, arguably, the BEST O-LINE ever assembled.

    Come back and argue about this when Romo has ANY of the following…

    An Emmit Smith.
    A Tony Dorsett.
    The best o-line ever.
    #1 defense on the other side of the ball.

    /End Blog

    • Glenn says:

      WHo’s saying Romo isn’t very good? No one was saying anything negative? You’re right that Aikman wouldn’t have lasted behind this line the last few years. Roger would have been fine, that was his forte as well to be elusive and make plays on the run. I’ve always thought Romo to be a terrific QB, but one who’s mistakes loom large in a given game and which are under an incredible microscope on NFLN & ESPN. Correct again on those 2 having HOF running backs and both had #88 that were terrific in their own way and on their own levels. Soothsayer saying that Romo needs a better team is 100% accurate. I really think we’re all on the same page.

  5. The post above is mine… I neglected to log in accidently.

  6. The Soothsayer says:

    Um, in 1971, when Landry had the insane idea of rotating quarterbacks game by game and even play by play, the Cowboys were going nowhere fast. Staubach walked into his office and said, “Start me or trade me.” He forced Landry to make a decision. Once Staubach got the start, he won 10 games in a row and lead Dallas to its first Super Bowl victory. Romo could not have done that.

    As great a coach and innovator as Landry was, he would get these brain freezes in big games. Staubach had the balls to change the play call in the huddle and win. He bailed out Landry more times than most fans imagine. Romo could not have done that.

    Aikman was a technician, a great quarterback. I wish he could have had just one season studying game film with Landry, but that was not to be. Still, Aikman was a leader, and he made the rest of the players play up to his level, as did Irvin. Emmitt and Haley and Woodson simply finished the equation. The rest is history, bact-to-back Super Bowls, something that Landry and Staubach never accomplished. Romo could not have done that.

    Romo is a good quarterback. He puts up spectacular numbers, breaks records. But he doesn’t win when it counts. Staubach and Aikman did. Yeah, the had better teams built around them, but if you put Romo under center in 71 or 92, I don’t think he could have done what those men did.

    Can Romo win a Super Bowl? Yes. But he needs a team around him, and he needs to lead them. Blame Jerry Jones for years of bad drafts, stupid trades and failed free agent signings. I do.

    Still, I do not believe that Romo could have led the 71 Cowboys to their first Super Bowl. Only Staubach could do that. I do not believe that Romo could have led the 92 Cowboys to back-to-back Super Bowls. Only Aikman could do that.

    Romo has to establish his own legacy. He’ll need a team around him to do that, but he will never be another Staubach or Aikman. He just won’t. He’ll just be the first Tony Romo.

    • I’m going to respectfully disagree with nearly everything that you posted there, Sooth.

      We’re going to have to agree to disagree.

      And I’m going to say this again for the umpteenth time here, as well as any other board that I post on…

      If Tony Romo was a Baltimore Raven… He has 2 Rings on his finger, MINIMUM, at this point in his career. Believe it…

      • Anonymous says:

        No way Romo puts up numbers playing in the afc north, Romo has trouble throwing in outdoor stadiums where the weather could be a factor. He’s much better indoors, just doesn’t have the arm strength. Remember how he played in Pittsburgh in 08 in December . He was all over the place with his passes. Plus Baltimore doesn’t have nearly the weapons on offense that Romo has had.

        • Really?? Sometimes people need to think about what they post before they post…

          Tony doesn’t have the arm strength?? LMAO He’s 2nd best… ALL TIME in passer rating… How’s that for an accurate passer? What throws can he not make?

          And I guess playing in Maryland, New Jersey, and Philadelphia don’t count when playing outdoors up north, either, do they?

          And you completely miss the point on why he would win rings with the Ravens… Their D, something he’s not had in Dallas… A defense that won’t give up 5 fourth quarter leads, 2 in double digits, against inferior teams, IMO.

          Try again…

          • …”What throws can he not make?” A HAILMARY. He throws them OUT OF BOUNDS giving his WR NO Chance. There’s just one for you.

          • Anonymous says:

            Chris, What I mean is Romo plays at least 8 games a year in a stadium where Jerry Jones will never allow a single drop of rain to ever drop on that field. Romo would struggle playing Pittsburgh twice a year and he would’ve had to get by New England and Indy as well as the Jets just to get to a Superbowl. Romo wouldn’t be that great with average wr’s they would be leaning on Ray Rice like their doing now.

            • Anonymous says:

              Hey Chris, Tell me is Romo taking T.O. Witten, Dez, Miles and Laurent Robinson with him to Baltimore? Romo would not be able to do anything with that receiver core Baltimore has had over the years. They just started to get some halfway decent ones outside of Mason. Plus Flacco had Baltimore in the SuperBowl if Lee Evans doesn’t drop that pass in the endzone. Romo hasn’t even played in a championship game yet. I bet Flacco puts up Romo type numbers playing in Dallas with the weapons Romo has had.

  7. The Soothsayer says:

    Well, you can disagree with me all you want. But you can’t tell me that Staubach wasn’t Staubach and that Aikman wasn’t Aikman.

    In 71, only Staubach could do what he did. Morton couldn’t. In 92, only Aikman could do what he did. Walsh couldn’t.

    I seriously doubt Romo could in either situation. Staubach was Staubach. Aikman was Aikman. Both are in the Ring of Honor and the Hall of Fame. Both won Super Bowls. Romo has won one playoff game in six years.

    There is absolutely no way that Romo, an undrafted 3rd string quarterback, could have beaten out Staubach or Aikman in training camp. Now, a contest between Staubach and Aikman would have been interesting. I think Staubach would have won though. But a contest between either and Romo? Please. These men were proven leaders and determined champions.

    Years from now, when people are talking about the Cowboys they’ll still be talking about Staubach and Aikman. No one will be talking about Romo. Not unless he proves himself, and in Dallas one playoff victory doesn’t count. He has to at least make it to the conference championship, before he’ll be the next Danny White.

    I’m not saying that Romo is not talented. He is. He puts up specactular numbers. Big deal, stats are for losers. He hasn’t won anything. He can but he won’t , not without a team around him.

    But if you put Anthony Ramiro Romo in Staubach’s position in 71 or Aikman’s position in 92, nah, no way. He wouldn’t have even been able to get on the field.

    Romo has to make his own name. Fair or unfair, that’s the way it is in Dallas. You either win Super Bowls or you don’t. You either make it to the conference championship or you don’t. So far, Romo has done neither. For all his passing yards and records, he has nothing to show for it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    DC- Fanatic back on the Romo Bandwagon. What a effin surprise. HE CHOKES!! In BIG spots! Do you understand??????? CHOKES!!! He can’t play solid in big spots when it matters most. What the F don’t you understand???

  9. Anonymous says:

    The last I checked Marino at least got his tm to a SB, NO???

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh sorry, yes he did take them to ONE SB. In 16 yrs of his career he took them to the big dance once. And how many years has Romo been the starter for this team now, don’t think it has been that long yet. Give him a chance, and as far as chokes…yeah he has choked a lot, I remember lots of times yelling at the tv when he makes a mistake. But I also remember lots of games where he made a comeback and made some remarkable plays to win the game too.

      • Glenn says:

        Things are getting a little out of hand here guys! I too can say I saw all of the QB’s in my 50 years of following this team. On one hand it’s hard to compare players of different era’s. Statistically, Romo is 2nd all time, which tells you he was more productive in many passing categories than Roger & Troy. It’s unfair to compare them in large part because of the teams they were on and the players that they went to battle with. If you want to compare them, I do believe its easy to see that Romo’s teams had lesser talent. We can argue all day from who their RB’s were, WR’s, D lineman, corner backs, etc. The size of players were different, coaching was dramatically different, cap era and free agency changed the game forever from the early years.

        Roger was a most unique QB and to accomplish what he did after his service in the Navy was beyond remarkable. Roger & the whole team could struggle incredibly for 30 minutes, then come out in the 2nd half and light it up. A solid defense, Duane Thomas, the Tony Dorsett. Troy had such a great line and running back that they rarely needed him to turn it loose and they had some terrific defenses. The only year that I thought Romo had a squad to do some damage with was 2007. A gimpy Terry Glenn, TO couldn’t run with that high ankle sprain and one of the worst days Patrick Crayton had. Since then the teams have gotten weaker and weaker. Took them years to replace guys that had big contracts and had stopped performing at levels that got them those contracts. Gurode, Columbo, Davis, Newman, Barber, Hamlin, anyone Roy Williams to name a few. Think back to some of the squads through the years pre cap era and those guys wouldn’t have cluttered the roster for 2-3 years beyond their productive years. Different era, different game. I certainly feel that we the fans have been fortunate to have all 3 of these guys take snaps for us. I’d love nothing more that to have Romo take us to a SB again. As a former coach, I don’t see the roster strong enough, but in the era of parity, it doesn’t take a really strong team to win it all as we saw last season. But I won’t be blindly taken in by a few top tier players. I want to see the whole squad and see them improving and fighting week in and week out. I want to see some key wins, against quality teams, our defense holding someone off at the end. I want to see coaching that impresses all of us. Pedal down, creative, prepared, innovative and last but not least can we develop some of the draft picks!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tony the Choker Romo!!! I’d take Danny White over him even though he was a choker also. At least he got the cowgirls to 3 champ gms! Bwwwaaaahhhhh Tony!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, took Aikman (arguebly the best QB ever) 4 yrs and a supreme team (offense, defense, special teams) to go to his first championship game and which they did win and went on to win the SB.
    Now Romo has had more time but not that much more, 5 1/2 seasons as the starter and with far less of a team. Lets wait ’till atleast after this season before we start barking that he has never been to a championship game. Not like he is past his prime is all I am saying. I used to be a Romo-hater too, but then I came to reality and realized there will NEVER be another Staubach or Aikman. Romo WILL be remembered for being Romo in 5-10 yrs from now when we go through another era of trying to find the next great QB for America’s Team and are wishing we still had Romo.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m tired of hearing that excuse that Romo only has started 5 seasons, the guy has been in Dallas since 2003 so we’re going on his 9th year now. If he was that good he should’ve beat out Carter, and Testaverde and Parcells wouldn’t have needed Bledsoe. The guy has had time and he’s already 32 with a list of injuries thats adding up every year. I don’t think he’ll make it another 2 years with these injuries.

      • Anonymous says:

        You can’t go by he has been in Dallas since ’03. He never had the chance to start, Payton was the only one that saw something in him, so he was never gonna be given the chance. And after Payton left the only reason he got his chance is because they had NO choice to put him in…..and don’t forget that Payton tried to trade for Romo when he went to Saints, only reason that didn’t happen is because we were very thin at QB and is why ’06 is the first real shot Romo had to show his skills.

      • Anonymous says:

        What person did he have to learn behind? washed up Vinny/Bledsoe and a never amounted to anything QB coach Wade Wilson? What could those guys ever teach Romo, he had to learn by himself. And he went undrafted he was gonna be low man on totem pole to get a shot at starter even how terrible Carter and rest were. Those guys had more value and got the start regardless of talent.

      • Glenn says:

        Well, I’m tired of hearing him be blamed. Despite the OC, it’s a perennial top offense (running game aside). It took all these years to have one of the worst defenses the last 3 years that have been seen in team history. To have some of the lowest rated QB’s just march up and down the field on us has been nothing less than disgraceful. But you want to put the burden on Romo. I can’t say he’s had the greatest fortune in the playoffs. Marches the team downfield to take the lead, bobbles the snap! We all know that. 2007 with a crippled group of WR’s and Crayton suffering the drops we lose that one. 2008 the year the O line officially proclaimed itself, DOA. 2009 the year the defense fooled us, but the O line showed conclusively it’s best days had long passed. 2010 team Romo was lost for the season, the defense folded, worst of all time. 2011 looked and played like an 8-8 team. Took leads couldn’t hold them. Defense looked serviceable early in the year then plummeted over the last 10 games of the season, coughing up a handful of leads in the 4th quarter. More double digit comebacks than any team in Cowboy history. But you want to put all that on Romo. Unreal. Look at this squad. Look at the last 5-6 years of draft choices. Hits, misses, etc. Bad trades, lost draft choices. Coaching carousel, etc. I don’t blame them in that I know Jerry is trying, albeit seemingly to always find that one impact player that will deliver a title no matter the cost. Finally, a trade at the draft where they didn’t give up the farm. If Claiborne is anywhere near the player he’s expected to be, it will be a steal. But you have to have a draft plan, within a draft plan and that’s been missing up until maybe this year and last. We’ll see! But get off the Romo wagon that it’s his fault!

    • Glenn says:

      Sometimes QB’s are perfect for their team and Aikman was for the teams of the early 90’s. When the teams roster was depleted by free agency, it became average and nothing Aikman could do would change that. I think it’s great to have a discussion on 3 of the best to wear the Star. Unfortunately, IMO, Romo’s not had the teams to perform at a higher level. I’d like to see if Romo could do it, but he can’t do it by himself as we well know.

      The problems have stemmed from a front office failure, IMO, although not from lack of trying. The cap era has made things incredibly different and the only strategy that seems to work, at least consistently, is long term draft plans and success. Rare is it that a key free agent signing or trade has helped produce a SB victory. I can think of Haley, Prime & Reggie White, but not sure of any others jumping out at me. Those who succeed have a plan and stick to it. Look at the Steelers & NE for examples. They draft solid players, good value picks. Coaching staffs remain in tact for long periods, regardless of an underperforming year. It allows them to build & develop. Both teams will not keep a player too long, you just don’t see that. One, worse than the other, doesn’t dole out big money to players. The new CBA may change that for them over the next few years, but they don’t reward nice players with elite money. These to me are the important issues and why the team (under Jerry) has failed to produce. We get a new coach every 3 years or so, no continuity, poor player development for the most part. Did Jimmy keep a single player too long? Did anyone rest under Jimmy? He churned that roster constantly. Things are different today, then 10, 20 or more years ago. We’ve relied too heavily on Romo to do it all and it doesn’t work. You’ve got the 2nd ranked all time QB in Romo and the team can’t win. Tells you in blod letters, Big Problems, elsewhere. Until watching Romo sit out a year, they wouldn’t use a quality pick on an offensive lineman till Smith. You can’t have all UDFA’s protecting your top 10 QB and think he can survive and thrive. They threw big money at players they thought were difference makers, but weren’t. It’s the draft and player development that will return this team to glory. I think Jerry plans to have Garrett around for years to come. I have never been a fan of his play calling and watching his use or lack thereof of time outs was embarrassing last year. He can only improve is one way of looking at it.

      Romo is neither the problem or the solution and we can guess / discuss all we want if he can get us to the playoffs, the championship game and the SB. Until the whole culture changes, draft plans & coaching changes we’re be running in place. I think I see the desire to build a draft plan for the long haul. We’ll see!

      • Anonymous says:

        I won’t even talk about the Jets loss because it was a Afc game but the Detroit loss was the game that kept us out of the playoffs and I put that squarely on Romo’s plate. That game ruined our tiebreaker advantage and was a huge nfc loss. The gunslinger was at his best that day. Throwing off your back foot chucking and ducking to avoid a hit are the things that gets Romo in trouble.

        • Glenn says:

          Both games hurt tremendously and yes the Lions loss, destroyed the tiebreaker scenario. Those were both gut wrenching for all of us and proves that early games are just as important as weeks 16 & 17.

        • Anonymous says:

          The loss to the Lions wasnt THE game that kept us out of the playoffs — it was just ONE of the games that kept us out of the playoffs. If we would have beat the Giants in week 17 — we would have been in too. As it turned out, if we had beaten the Giants in either one of our games we would have been in the playoffs because we would have won the division.

  12. Anonymous says:

    awwww poor Romo…lol. WIN IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!

    And yes, I’ll take Marino’s 1 for 16 getting to the playoffs over Romo’s 0 for 6. Considering he’s not going to get 10 more chances. Maybe 4 MAX!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    * Marino getting to the SB

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