Romo: Is it NFC Champ game or else in 2012?

Romo: Is it NFC Champ game or else in 2012?

Considering they have no one behind him who is young and pushing for playing time I say no. He will be here for a few more years.


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4 Responses to Romo: Is it NFC Champ game or else in 2012?

  1. Glenn says:

    Wow! Can’t believe I’d agree with anything from ESPN. Gave up watching them close to 10 years now. But they got it right, team has to be better, the organization & coaching has to be better, scouting and drafts have to be better. IMO Jerry has changed some philosophies with Garrett, how they draft. Think they are focused more on player, talent, work ethic with long term team goals. It’s not the quick fix or big reach in developing a player they draft. Influence of Garrett? I think so …..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kyle Orton is no slouch as a backup. I think Romo has two years to show something before Garrett starts to throw him under the bus. If the offense struggles it could get to be a Garrett vs Romo situation. There is no doubt in my mind Garrett didn’t trust Romo after that Lions game. He totally went conservative in the 4th qrt of close games. Didnt want Romo to lose it and you can’t coach like that.

    • Glenn says:

      This team needs a lot of improvement. QB is not an area of any real concern. When the D & O line improve enough, we’ll contend. Until they do we need a QB who can escape when pressured and give you a shot in virtually every game to win. Our QB had a 3 to 1 TD to INT ratio and all we could get was 8 & 8! Not many ever do that in their career and we still couldn’t win. Think about 5 rushing TD’s for the whole season and your QB had 1 of those. Improvements needed on both lines and the D overall has to improve. Special teams were no world beaters either.

      But Orton was and is about the best you could get if Romo goes down. You have to change the play calling slightly as he’s not a really mobile QB. More max protections, shorter drops and shorter routes. Same as when Kitna was here. Can’t get the #2 whacked either!

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    To my mind, Jerry Jones’s greatest failures as GM are:

    1. He’s never developed the quarterback position. Aikman fell into his lap, as did Romo, but he never drafted or signed a credible replacement. Landry and Johnson always had two quarterbacks. Jerry has always only had one or none. Think Quincy Carter.

    2. He did not maintain or rebuild the offensive line, and thus did not protect his quarterback when he had one.

    3. He foolishly never developed a running back. Emmitt fell into his lap, as did Murray, but behind them there’s no one.

    4. He stupidly agreed to dump a No. 1 ranked 4-3 for an ill-suited 3-4 at the behest of Bill “The Poison Pill” Parcells.

    5. He has not drafted well, traded well or acquired free agents well. Nor has he hired coaches well.

    In short, the man does not know how to build a football team. The end result is a .500 team over the last 15 years, with only one playoff victory. The record speaks for itself. Landry had more winning seasons and playoff victories than all of Jerry’s coaches, from Johnson to Garrett, combined.

    Maybe these Cowboys can turn it around this year. History says, probably not. We shall see.

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