Murray: Jason Garrett is an ‘Offensive Guru’

DeMarco Murray really loves him some Jason Garrett…

Murray says Garrett is an offensive guru on 105.3 The Fan

The sense of urgency comment was good to hear from a smart guy like Murray. I think Murray has that ‘Witten like’ mentality. Make sure you are prepared at 100% and do your job on a consistent basis.

Cowboys do great things when he gets his 20 carries a game.


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2 Responses to Murray: Jason Garrett is an ‘Offensive Guru’

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    I don’t know if Garrett is an offensive guru or not. His offense is a variation of the Air Coryell, meaning it’s pass heavy. I notice it works best with a strong running game.

    Under Coryell, Dan Fouts put up huge passing numbers. But they didn’t win the Super Bowl. Joe Gibbs, one of many Coryell desciples, won three Super Bowls, but he did it with power running backs and a mammoth offensive line.

    I like Murray a lot. The Cowboys offense finally started to click when he was on the field. Unfortunately, he was injured last season by a freak fall on his ankle, and the offense reverted to predictability.

    If the offensive line improves and Murray returns, the Cowboys can field a potent offense. But the defense has to improve as well for the team to accomplish anything.

    Cliff Harris was exactly right in that interview. A good defense can carry a team to a championship, but then the offense has to win the game.

    A good offense with a weak defense, however, won’t even get to a championship. Oh, it will put up numbers–passing yards, completions, etc.–but it won’t win anything. Just like the Cowboys last year.

    Defense wins championships. Offense wins games. The championship is a game, so you have to have both in order to succeed.

    Passing the ball will move a team down the field, but in critical situations, such as short yardage or goal line, you need a running back to push through. I think Murray can be that guy, if Garrett uses him properly.

    A strong offensive line and a power running back are what makes the passing game work. But without a shut down defense, all the stats and records in the world won’t win you a championship.

    I believe the Cowboys will be improved this season. Enough to win a championship? I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see, and we shall.

  2. red says:

    That’s funny Demarco would do Richie Witt’s show after he said Demarco was showing diva tendencies toward the end of last year.

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