Are the Cowboys one of the most talented NFL teams?

Are the Cowboys one of the most talented teams in the NFL right now?

It’s May 25th. Arrrgghhh! I want to see this team on the field already.

Miles is poised to come back with a big season. Dez may finally be getting it. Offensive line is hungry and the competition there is going to make guys better. This defense finally has two starting CB’s who can be game changers. Sean Lee is the defensive leader and everyone knows this and embraces it. Broaddus had good things to say about young guys like Carter, Lissemore, Leary, Holmes and Butler.

And I even think Jason Garrett has to have learned from some of the coaching mistakes he made last season. He will be better this season because he’s now settled in as the man in charge of the team.

Right now I don’t see how this team doesn’t come away with at least 10 wins. They have a great training camp and that number could go to 12.

The injuries. At least none of them are going to keep guys away from training camp.


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4 Responses to Are the Cowboys one of the most talented NFL teams?

  1. Glenn says:

    At the end of last year I felt the team was one of the least talented teams in the league. It’s one thing to look at Ware, Witten, Romo, Dez, Austin, Lee, maybe Murray & Smith and have the media fall on their tongues. After that there really weren’t many above average players on this roster. We had too many players who didn’t belong on this team. In the cap era you have to have a stock pile of nice average players. Draft failures and poor trades weakened this team. Now they went out and filled some positions with upgrades in free agency and have made some interesting draft picks. Are there some players who may develop this or the next year or two?

    Let these guys come out of camp and show us the 2012 version and see what we have overall. I’m forever hopeful, this is the team I love. Gosh, to win again and stick it to those who hate us would be absolutely fabulous. But I won’t be suckered in by the media saying we’re great. We have a very good QB, a HOF LB’er in DWare and possible HOF TE in Witten. We’re great for ratings, that much we know. They had us on NBC as many times as allowed and I believe we pumped up the ratings enough to make SNF the highest rated show last year!

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    I agree with Glenn. Let these Cowboys come out of camp and show us what we’ve got. Will they be improved over last year? Yes. Will they be improved enough to win a championship? I don’t know.

    Stats, ratings, marketing all make for a lot of money. But none of them win championships.

    For all the fandom and stardom, these Cowboys have underperformed for years. It isn’t talent if it doesn’t perform live. That’s just the way it is, same with any rock and roll band. If you can’t play it live, you can’t play.

    I remember back in the day when ELO was busted for lip syncing. Their concert sales went south after that. I remember Van Halen’s first concert tour. They opened for Black Sabbath in 1978. I was there in San Antonio, the heavy metal capitol of the world. David Lee Roth stumbling around, forgetting lyrics, tripping over a microphone stand and crashing his head into an amp. We booed them off the stage.

    The Cowboys have incredible draw. But if they can’t perform when the game in on the line, they will be booed. The fans booed Meredith. The fans booed Staubach. The fans booed Aikman. The fans even booed Tom Landry. Hell, all he ever did was try to run a football program. But when he was fired, everyone threw a fit.

    That’s the way it is with Cowboys fans. They are insane. Anything less than a Super Bowl is unacceptable.

    No disrespect to you, Fanatic. I’m the same way. I just want the Cowboys to win football games and championships. But at this point I’m not all that confident in their ability to do so. We shall see though. We shall see.

    • Glenn says:

      I agree they appear to have improved, but it may or may not translate to a better season. The good news, it gives us fans, hope!

      I can go back a little further on attending a concert, hope you enjoy this one. Might have been late 60’s. Headliner was Chicago, and the opening acts were Alice Cooper, then Black Sabbath. After those two finished, Chicago got booed for ruining the buzz!

      Don’t know if you caught it when McGinest was rattling off names of the talented players but he listed Kyle Orton. Now I will admit that as far as comparing him to other back up QB’s around the league, yeah he’s probably more capable and talented. But to include him in the talent base, where he may not see the field was kind of funny to me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Come on Dc 10 wins? In order for this team to get 10 wins or 12 if they have a great camp. They would have to go 5-1or 4-2 in the division and I don’t see that happening.

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