Coop and Nate: Not buying the coaches praising Spencer

All the additions in the secondary should give Anthony Spencer a chance to finally live up to his first round draft status…

Nate is right. If all this praise was legit you would not see Spencer getting ready to play on a one year deal because the Cowboys have shown they lock up the players they want to stay around with long term deals.


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3 Responses to Coop and Nate: Not buying the coaches praising Spencer

  1. Glenn says:

    Reasonable assessment, if he was that good, that valuable they would have pursued a new deal. They will see what Wilbur can do or it becomes a priority selection first round next year!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nate needs to back up what he said with the tape, and he can’t do it. Spencer may not be Carl Banks, but he’s as good a run stopper as there comes. He has the tackles for losses and game tape to prove it. The tackles five to six yards down the field was total bs. The only thing anyone can truly point out on Spencer’s run defense is that at times he has tried to run around a block and gets out of position. But guess what Ware has done it a hell of a lot more times than Spencer has and it has a lot to do with frustration with teammates not doing their job and them trying to do too much.

    • Glenn says:

      He gets fooled a little too often with misdirection and naked boot legs. He’s pretty good against the run as a whole. When he’s asked to rush the QB he gets washed out behind the pocket, which Eli & Vick exploit. They step up into the pocket or inside his wide loop. I don’t blame him as much as the inability of the DL trying to get a push. That’s my knock on Ratliff as he gets stoned at the LOS way too often to suit me.

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