Was no offseason a valid excuse for 2011 Defense?

These comments are made about Wade Phillips ever now and then and it infuriates me…

I bashed the hell out of Wade Phillips as a head coach. He’s not a guy you want leading the charge, but as a guy who can break down opposing offenses he is a great coach.

We keep hearing these excuses daily from some of the Cowboys that the defense was so bad last year because Rob brought a new system in and there was not enough preparation time to get everyone on the same page.

Well then what the hell happened in Houston where they had the same scenario and also lost their ‘Demarcus Ware’ after five games?

If one person tries giving me an excuse this season for why the defense is stinking the room up and collapsing late in games I will go Hulk smashing throughout the NY area.

The 2012 Dallas Cowboys Defense: NO EXCUSES!

Here’s more discussion about the 2012 pressures in the NFC East…


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3 Responses to Was no offseason a valid excuse for 2011 Defense?

  1. Glenn says:

    I’ve raised the same issue with the defense. It wasn’t Wade it was the lack of talent and ability. Goes back to my categorizing the level of talent / performance on this team. Look at guys that failed to get it done on D the last 2 years. I love them as Cowboy’s but they couldn’t get it done. Bradie James, Keith Brooking in the middle, Terence Newman, Coleman, Elam, Ball (safety). Probably have to include Sensibaugh, Spears, Scandrick & Spencer (the S group) as underachieving our needs. What’s that leave you with? Ware, Lee & Jenkins as being great to solid. That’s not enough for a quality D. Ratliff hasn’t been Ratliff for 2 years now.

    What should they have expected when Wade was here as DC? I’m expecting the tandem of Carter & Conner to be a big upgrade no matter what. Brooking & James made tackles, but always 4-8 yards downfield. Great stats but no impact. Liabilities on pass plays. Carr & Claiborne are big upgrades and they will allow some pressure packages to hopefully work and give that extra second and change to let the big dogs get their target. That being said, the lack of push on the pocket is my big concern for this defense. Ratliff doesn’t get much or any push after midseason. They allow QB’s to step up and I don’t know that we did enough or anything to improve in that area. I don’t think I’d blame Rob Ryan if they aren’t fantastic, he needs more pieces. Will Carter be 1st round talent? Will Johnson make it as a starting safety? Can they find anyone better than Ball & Elam back there? It wasn’t the coaching. Now it’s time to teach and see what we’ve got!

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Wade Phillips was never the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, except in title only. Jerry Jones undermined his authority from the very beginning by hiring Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator, and head coach in waiting, first.

    It’s interesting that Garrett’s best year as offensive coordinator came when Tony Sparano was calling the plays.

    Phillips never had a chance in Dallas. The defense quit on him, but that’s more on the players. Look at what he’s done in Houston.

    Who is in charge of player personnel in Dallas? That would be Jerry Jones. You can blame the HC, the OC, the DC, the STC all you want. None of them can do anything without proper personnel.

    I agree with Glenn. A good defense comes from pressure up the middle, in the quarterback’s face. To win championships, you need a strong offensive line to run block and pass block, and strong defensive line to put pressure on the quarterback. Without that, all the so-called skill players won’t win you one playoff game.

    Jerry Jones has provided the Cowboys with neither. This isn’t about Phillips or Parcells or Campo or Gailey or Switzer. This is about Jerry Jones and his piss poor team building.

    Garrett and Ryan will be lucky to succeed in this environment.

  3. DaBoogityMan says:

    I had a coach that said: “Show me a guy that starts giving ‘valid’ excuses & I’ll show you a guy that has spent way too much time looking for one”.

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