Ben and Skin: Schlereth says Jerry’s legacy is tarnished

When you think of Jerry Jones do you first associate him with the Super Bowl wins or the last 16 seasons of losing?

Since he’s been the GM in charge of building these recent teams I associate him more with losing and stupid moves like the Roy Williams trade. People still argue that he would never have won anything without Jimmy Johnson being the ‘football guy’ during those early years together.


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4 Responses to Ben and Skin: Schlereth says Jerry’s legacy is tarnished

  1. I agree says:

    Jerry is a Good GM ,its just soon as he pay a good player,there play drops off.

  2. I agree says:

    Holmes is about to set this thang on fire!

  3. waus says:

    All we have to do to understand why Jerry Jones is a horrible GM is recall his first two major moves after Jimmy Johnson left.

    First, he hired Barry Switzer.

    Second, he drafted Shante Carver in the first round. Carver’s main accomplishment? He played in the XFL in 2001.

    The handwriting was on the wall from the very beginning. Case closed.

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    The problem in the 80s was manifold. Several of Landry’s assistants had left to become head coaches–Nolan, Ditka, Reeves–and they knew Landry’s system. Also, other teams had figured out and started copying the Dallas draft strategy. After Danny White broke his wrist, the team began to dissolve.

    Schramm and Landry were slow to respond to the changing NFL, but by the late 80s they were turning the team around with several good drafts. A lot of guys on those early 90s championship teams were products of those drafts, particularly Irvin, Tuinei, Bates, and Hennings. In fact, when Jerry Jones bought the team, Landry told him, “Give me four years and I’ll win you a Super Bowl.” He knew Aikman was coming to Dallas, and Schramm was already scouting Emmitt. But Jones ingraciously fired Landry–it was part of the agreement with Bum Bright. Jones was the only prospective buyer who was willing to fire the coaching legend, which is why Bright accepted his low offer. For some reason, Bright wanted to get rid of Landry, but he didn’t have the balls to do it himself.

    Now, when Jimmy Johnson came in, he was head coach and general manager with total control over player personnel. And he had one great advantage. Because he came from the college ranks, he knew college coaches and scouts, so he had access to inside info on players he was planning to draft. Schramm stuck around for one year as GM to show Jimmy the ropes, but after 1990 it was all Johnson.

    A couple of good drafts, a few brilliant trades–Jerry may have negotiated the Walker trade, but it was Jimmy’s idea, as was the later trade for Haley–and everything fell into place. Next thing you know, it’s back-to-back Super Bowls.

    So, yeah, Jerry had little to do with those championships, other than negotiating deals and signing checks. The big breakup came when Jerry wanted to join the table at a bar after the second Super Bowl, and Jimmy told him no.

    Jerry hired Barry out of spite. And that was a mistake. Switzer was the most reviled man in Texas, because of all those times he took OU across the Red River and beat UT. But he was a good coach. I will admit that. That third Super Bowl was because of Landry, Johnson and Switzer. Jones had little to with that.

    His gravest mistake, I believe, was the signing of Deion Sanders. He and his son actually almost got into a fist fight over that deal, because Stephen knew the impact it would have on the salary cap. Sure enough, the Cowboys won the Super Bowl in 95 (MVP, Larry Brown) and one playoff game in 96, and then everything fell apart, as 16 veterans developed under Landry and Johnson left in free agency because Dallas could no longer afford to pay them what they were worth. The famed Triplets didn’t win another playoff game. Maybe if Stephen had punched his father in the face things would have been different.

    The team quit on Switzer, because they knew he wasn’t really in charge, just ast they quit on Gailey, Campo, Parcells, and Phillips, who was the only one to win another playoff game. We’ll just have to see whether the team quits on Garrett as well.

    Judging from last season, I’d have to say that it’s likely they will. He’s not really in charge. It all comes down to Jerry Jones. He’s the one making the decisions.

    Bad drafts–Quincy Carter comes to mind–disastrous trades–Galloway, Williams–and failed free agent signings render a .500 team at best. That’s the way it’s been for a decade and a half.

    This is what we’re stuck with, sports fans. An incompetent general manager who does not know how to build a football team, overpays players and is a poor judge of talent.

    You’re damn right the windown is closing. It’s closing on Jerry Jones.

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