JJT talks Jenkins on Ben and Skin today

Here’s JJT on with Ben and Skin to talk about Mike Jenkins skipping OTA’s to send the Cowboys a message…

JJT on Ben and Skin – May 22, 2012

Jenkins got to the Pro Bowl in 2009 because he was the 238th alternate. There were a number of players who opted out of that game.

Terence Newman was in that Pro Bowl as well. Should they have kept him too based on what he did three years ago?  Of course not. Jenkins was ok last season, but he wasn’t so good or the Cowboys wouldn’t have drafted Mo Claiborne. They would not have locked up a mediocre Orlando Scandrick if they thought Jenkins is a great CB.

Jenkins should be with his teammates today.

Agreed. If Jenkins had real swagger he would already know he was the #3 CB. He sould be telling himself I am going to be on the field a ton of the time along with Carr and Claiborne. Instead he’s already resigned the fact that Scandrick is the Nickel CB. And it’s been proven by DeMarco Murray taking the starting ob from Felix that Garrett will not determine jobs by draft status or contract numbers.


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3 Responses to JJT talks Jenkins on Ben and Skin today

  1. Anonymous says:

    jenkins deserved to go to the pro bowl that year. I don’t care how he got there. What jenkins thus is they have already given the starting spots away. If you are going to have competition it should be for the starter and the slot. Garrett is about competition to a certain aspect. He already gave the starting position to the rookie and to jenkins that’s not competition. He can beat scandrick he has already done it. What he wants is competition for the starting position which is not going to happen. And I like jenkins a lot he played tough last season but I mo claiborne has a lot of potiental if he work as hard as everyone says he does

  2. I agree says:

    Get rid of this fool ASAP!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can we just hold off on annoiting Claiborne as the next Deion. I remember Cowboys fans were crying that we didn’t draft Prince Amukamara and he was terrible last year. He shouldn’t just be given a starting job because of his draft status.

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