Coale needs surgery on broken bone

Well Danny Coale is now a long shot to be a big part of the Cowboys offense in 2012 because he’s going to miss a lot of important time…

Kevin Ogletree is still the favorite. Not good.

And maybe this guy will really get a good look over the next month too…


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One Response to Coale needs surgery on broken bone

  1. Glenn says:

    Believe this puts us down with 3 draft picks. Better earlier than later. Hopefully it’s not real serious and recovers in time for some camp time in July and up for some preseason action. Otherwise, more reps for the current crop and would love to see someone step up and show some real ability. Enough to like on most of them, they just need some experience to see what they can do and how quickly they learn. Heck, we’re still waiting to see if a starter knows his routes this year!

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