Romo wins the Badgerland on Sunday

What the hell is the Badgerland? Read here.

Granted, it was May and on a golf course, but a win is a win.

According to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Romo’s 69-72 in the two-day amateur tournament was enough to win the Badgerland Invitational at Oneida Golf and Country Club in Green Bay, Wisc.

His father, Ramiro Romo, earned a sixth-place finish in the senior division, according to the newspaper.

A win is a win.

Now we wait for the rumors that he is cheating on his wife with his brother-in-law’s girlfriend Erin Andrews, read here.

ESPN sideline reporter and “Dancing With the Stars” alum Erin Andrews is dating “Gossip Girl” actor and Tony Romo’s brother-in-law Chace Crawford, according to US Weekly.

Andrews, 34, and Crawford, 26, have been “spotted out” on “a couple” dates and are “getting to know each other.” All these loose quotation marks make their relationship sound like a “Zagat review.”

And tell me someone somewhere on this planet is not going to throw that rumor out there at some point. It’s a great headline waiting to happen.


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One Response to Romo wins the Badgerland on Sunday

  1. Glenn says:

    Great to see him and his dad out there having some fun together!

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