Mike Jenkins will skip Cowboys OTAs

The Cowboys will not be at full strength at CB when the OTA’s begin tomorrow, read here.

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins isn’t planning on attending the team’s organized team activities, which start on Tuesday, according to a source.

Jenkins, recovering from offseason shoulder surgery, has attended only a handful of voluntary workouts and while team officials wish he would come to Valley Ranch to work out, they have said it’s not a requirement.

His excuse will be that it’s voluntary and that he’s rehabbing, but we all know it’s because he wants to be traded or given a long term deal. I don’t think either are happening.

Mo Claiborne is still not able to go yet either as he rehabs his broken wrist.


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17 Responses to Mike Jenkins will skip Cowboys OTAs

  1. Glenn says:

    Too good a deal for one year to let him go without a high draft choice at the least. Given the injury no one is wiling to make a ridiculous trade nor tie up big money without seeing him play. Should be here to have the staff control his rehab and progress.

  2. waus says:

    Speaking of Dallas cornerbacks, or at least a former player, it’s great getting to see Terence Newman being hurdled in the Giants game as the very first shot for DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket promo.

    It brings back such great memories.

    And, just in case you don’t know, DirecTV is currently offering Sunday Ticket for $199. Great price considering it was over $300 last year.

    • Glenn says:

      Gotta give the Giants TE props! For a big lumbering TE to hurdle Newman was incredible to get that kind of air under him. Just have gotten up almost 2 feet! What was it 2 plays later and Newman lost Cruz on a crossing route about 5 yards deep for 6 points. If that wasn’t bad enough the human hurdle was available for a repeat a little later in the game. Hard to believe. He was good for a good stretch but the last 2 years went from bad to dreadful. Worst part was he didn’t fit the scheme Ryan wanted requiring press coverage. Newman plays off coverage no matter what! Doomed from the start.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So to recap, if you’re Mike Jenkins, it’s kind of hard not to take a quick snapshot of your surroundings and ponder the following questions:

    I was the best CB on the team last year, and now I’m 4th in the pecking order?Our slot corner is making what? Wait, are 3 of our corners going to make at least 4 times as much as me this year?They think so little of my play that they used their first two picks on a guy to replace me?I’m going to be an effing backup, in my contract year?This is how I’m being rewarded by staying on the field despite all my injuries? You tried to trade me but couldn’t now you want me to be a tm player? Is this so called competition even real? Even though I don’t want him to holdout I understand. The cowboys bascially told him we were going to trade you but we couldn’t so we ne you to play this role for us as a fourth corner and this is all in his contract year when he is trying to get paid and noticed by us or another team. So fans who say suck it up, if this happen to you, you would be pissed as well.

    • Glenn says:

      Totally get he’s not being happy! But he signed his contract and was happy back then for a shade under 10M. This is the year no player is thrilled about. As a 1st round pick he was tied to the team 1 year longer than Scandrick and part of why that deal was done last year. They may have tried trading him on draft day but that was merely to get them back into the 2nd round. With the off season surgery they weren’t getting more than probably a 6th or 7th round offer. Namdi was traded for a 7th if I recall. With a contract at only 1M they will keep him. Didn’t they pay Alan Ball, 1.2M last year? Far better player, with a cap friendly contract. Granted they’ll lose him after this season, but he’ll be cheap for a year plus a compensatory pick, probably 4th or 5th round which is probably better than current offers. So let’s see, have a good CB for 1 year, only 1M for his contract and you’ll get a comp pick in next years draft. Duh!

    • He was the best defense in a secondary that sucked.

      So you want the Cowboys to stay on an 8-8 level then and we keep Jenkins as a starter.


      GTFO. How about he go out and take the spot from Scandrick if he’s so good?

      Nah. He just wants to be sent to another team so he can start. Weak sauce.

      • Glenn says:

        Rosenhaus is controlling him now and he’s typically one to have players hold out, not show up and force teams into trades. No matter where he’s at he’s better than Alan Ball was. They just aren’t dumping him, so he might as well come in. Yes, by all means try and take the spot from Scandrick. We were awful back there last year, but it also had to do with getting ILB’s Brooking & James in coverage which when trapped left huge gaps of space. Think about having Walker, Ball, Brooking / James & Elam on the field at any one time. It happened and more than we care to remember. Says a lot dropping him from at least 1st to 3rd for a team that was awful last year. But he does fill a need for more CB’s. I’d like to see what Mario Butler can do? Great in camp but can he do it in a game. That’s something I’m interested in seeing!

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey Dc, What the hell did Sensabaugh and Scandrick do to deserve new contracts? You’re making it seem like Jenkins was the reason the defense was bad. If I’m Jenkins I’d be pretty pissed too, He got a good view of how the Cowboys handled the Patrick Crayton Roy Williams situation and he knows he’s not gonna get a fair shot to compete for a starting job as long as Jerry Jones is calling the shots. How dumb would Jerry look if he paid out all this money and traded up to get Claiborne and Mike Jenkins clearly beats them out in preseason. Jerry would look like a fool.

        • Glenn says:

          Wasn’t in love with those two signings myself, thought Ratliff’s might have been the worst of the bunch. Those guys got their deal in their walk year (not the case in Rat’s). I, for one, would look at it differently if Jenkins beat out Carr or Claiborne. Then we’d say maybe he’s as good or better, nice problem to have at corner. He’s not going anywhere easily.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hate how you are making it seem like jenkins is the reason we were 8-8. He was solid last year. Don’t downplay what he did. You even had a few good post on this blog about him. He isn’t afraid of competition in fact he had his best year we he competed for his job. He doesn’t think the competition will be fair. He is not competing for a starting position. The reason we went 8-8 is because of players like scandrick,newman, sensabaugh. This is just like the whole dez bryant,crayton, roy williams situation. Look how that turned out for crayton. He is in a contract year, if comes out and plays as a 3rd or 4th corner and gets hurt he is stuck taking whatever a team wants him to have. Its a business. I don’t condone him siting out but I will not condemned him either. DC your making him seem like a punk and talking about his character. You don’t know how he is around his teammates. If this happen to you, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be mad. When this had to crayton you were on his side. Now the same thing has happen to jenkins and you kill him.

        • Glenn says:

          No, I get DCF’s point, if the guy doesn’t want to be here, get him out of here. Rosenhaus will make this as uncomfortable for the team as possible so it will be tough at some point. I favor keeping him as one of the 4 corners. Position of weakness becomes a strength. He should prove he’s healthy and would get a good deal from someone next year, but him staying healthy has always been tough. Both sides have to make a business decision. I don’t see them trading him and I can see him sitting out the season until whenever he has to report during midseason.

        • Saying Jenkins has right to gripe cuz he was best CB last season is like Rex Grossman bitching on Skins cuz he was best QB in 2011. LMAO..

          • Anonymous says:

            No it is not. Stop downplaying his performance. Rex grossman was the reason redskins were bad. Jenkins wasn’t the problem at all. Jenkins has a right to be mad. The Dallas Cowboys signed a contract too and tried to trade him during the draft but couldn’t. Any player who almost got traded and have three players at your position get paid and you didn’t ,should be mad. These plars aren’t robots. They have a right to feel betrayed.

            • In 12 games Jenkins gave up more TD’s than Scan and Newman.

              Why are you so convinced he was awesome last season. He was average. And average was on the 23rd ranked passing defense in the NFL.

              Come in and beat out Scandrick or shut the hell up. No one from the 2011 defense should be thinking they are owed a starting job. NO ONE.

              • Anonymous says:

                I never said he was awesome. I said he was solid. You are right no one on the defense should talk but he deserves a chance to compete for a starting job. Garrett is already handing the starting job to a rookie who hasn’t had one practice yet. Jenkins did give up more tds but he was clearly better. Brandon carr gave up the same number of tds as newman but we all know newman was not better. All I am saying jenkins deserves a chance to compete for the starting jobf garrett is for real about draft status doesn’t matter. I will never put a rookie over a veteran until I see that rookie in action. Mo claiborne needs to prove why he was picked that high just much as jenkins. Remember Dc when you first started posted about jenkins wanting to be traded you said he was scared of competing with a rookie, now if that was the case I’m on your side, but now its downgraded to competing with scandrick because Mo is already been handed the spot. Even patrick peterson didn’t get the job handed to him he had to compete and he didn’t satart immediately.

                • Glenn says:

                  Jenkins was easily the best of the CB’s. I thought pretty solid and didn’t expect him or anyone not to give up any TD’s. We’ll need 4 to 5 CB’s this year and I’d like him to be out there. I foresee sets where a safety comes off the field and you could use a 4th & 5th CB on the field. Plenty of snaps for all of them. Nothing says Claiborne starts from day 1. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t, but it shouldn’t be handed over sight unseen.

            • Glenn says:

              It was reported that they were trying to trade him, which is very likely but only if they could get a high pick for him to jump back into the 2nd round. The team has a good contract on him and aren’t looking to give that up without top compensation. No one is giving up a 1st or 2nd round pick for him coming off surgery. His smartest move is to come in, rehab, play and show he’s healthy and at the top of his game. If he can do that, then he cashes in somewhere next year.

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