Patrick Crayton was better than Roy Willliams

Do me a favor and go look at the stats for Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton while they were on the Dallas Cowboys so you will agree with me that Crayton was better than Williams…

Roy Williams Stats

Patrick Crayton Stats

The only person who will tell you he traded the right player back in 2010 was Jerry Jones. The Cowboys should have kept Crayton because he was in sync with Romo.

Patrick Crayton was the original Laurent Robinson folks.

Why am I blogging about this now?

Because he’s a free agent and the Cowboys need a 3rd WR who they can depend on to step in and start if Dez or Miles goes down. Most people are talking about all these names of guys who had done absolutely nothing in the NFL.

Danny Coale. Dwayne Harris. Andre  Holmes. Raymond Radway. Those guys are fine and can all stay for the summer and battle for a job.

But if it’s me I exchange Crayton on this roster for Kevin Ogletree ASAP.

And yes he’s 33. This is why you are keeping the young guys. Let me also remind you his game was never about speed or athleticism. His game was based on smarts and feel because he was a college QB which is why he was a perfect slot WR for Romo. All of those TD’s you saw Robinson catching last season after Romo danced around to buy time are the same ones Crayton used to catch.

Ogletree has 25 catches in three seasons and no TD’s. So don’t tell me he has a feel for the game like Crayton has proven to have already on many occasions.

And Crayton says he would welcome an offer to come back and catch passes from Tony Romo…

Cindi is one of the smartest and loyal fans out there and if she wants Patrick back on the team so should you guys.


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9 Responses to Patrick Crayton was better than Roy Willliams

  1. Although in hindsight I agree that RWII should have been the one let go. At the time Crayton needed a change in scenery and Roy looked to have the better upside. Sign him now to a vet min contract and let him compete.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Crayton has zero chance of coming back, he’s a T.O wanna be and a big mouth piece that undermined Garrett, move on folks, that spare isn’t coming back

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep. People seem to have already forgotten this…Garrett is looking for the “Right Kind of Guys”…besides the Chargers need WR help, but yet Crayton is still on the street?

  3. dknucklehead says:

    …not sure that we kept Roy because he had better upside. It was mostly because no one wanted to take on Roy’s inflated contract.

  4. lostar2009 says:

    PC was good when he was here no one really forgive him for that drop pass and giving up on that route during that playoff game..

    Still though i would rather for us to look at our young guys well into preseason and if we have no one that seperates themselves then lets give PC a call.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i would of vote_ if it said none of the above

  6. Glenn says:

    After PC sided with TO against Garrett, I’m not expecting a reunion. But if it’s PC or Ogletree, I’m all for Crayton, he just knows how to play. Frankly, Ogletree, I’m not expecting him to even make the 53. What I see is them keeping Coale for sure & depends on what they see with Holmes, Hakim, Harris & Radway. They might be able to slide Radway to the practice squad. If they see anything in Hakim, they’ll keep that speed. Other teams have interest in Holmes & Hakim.

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