Broaddus takes a look at the Cowboys WR’s

Here’s Bryan Broaddus breaking down the Cowboys Wide Receivers…

Broaddus Breakdown – Cowboys WR’s

The difference wit Miles in the game is that the Cowboys passing game is much cleaner because Romo will get the ball out on time as Miles is a great route runner. That miss vs the Giants was a rare misconnect from these two guys.

If you go back and look at Laurent Robinson you will see a lot of his opportunities came when Romo kept the play alive with his escapability from a collapsed pocket.

Those types of plays were similar to the things Patrick Crayton used to bring to this offense. And guess who is still a free agent?

Dez just needs to be available to make all of his dynamic plays for four quarters a game. Disappearing in the second half can be a part of his game in 2012.


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2 Responses to Broaddus takes a look at the Cowboys WR’s

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m rooting for Hakim. I think he can the missing element for the WRs..speed and quickness.

  2. Glenn says:

    I’m open to anyone who can step up and make plays! That being said I like the size of Holmes & Radway, the speed of Hakim puts him in the mix. The team brought in Coale, so there’s something they like there that the others don’t have. For me, I’ve waited long enough for Ogletree, didn’t even know where to line up last year and bubble screens can’t be your only route.

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