Witten has been busy over last 128 games

Just decided to take a long look at Jason Witten over the last eight years (128 games) and it’s astonishing how consistent he was for the Cowboys offense…

  • Has started 126 of the last 128 games for the Cowboys. And he did play in the other 2 games despite not starting.
  • Has had 5 or more receptions in 75 of those 128 games.
  • Has had 3 or more receptions in 113 of those 128 games.
  • Had 80 or more yards receiving in 33 of those games.
  • Has had five seasons with 5 or more TD receptions.
  • Had 75 or more receptions in 6 of those 8 seasons.
  • Had 10 or more receptions in six games during this stretch of time.
  • Had 40 or more receptions resulting in a first down in seven of the eight seasons.
  • Averaged 11 yards per catch in all eight seasons.
  • Only had one game with zero receptions during those eight seasons and that was with Brad Johnson at QB against the Giants.
  • Had a 14 reception game vs the Giants in 2009.
  • Had a 15 reception game vs the Lions in 2007.

And the best part of Jason Witten is what he does every offseason…

Superman is just in the comics people.


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