Aikman has recipe for a Championship team

Troy Aikman talks about the perfect recipe for a Championship team…

Exactly. So many times the Cowboys just couldn’t hold a lead or add another score to close games out over the last five seasons. Sucks.


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4 Responses to Aikman has recipe for a Championship team

  1. It’s like the Chicken and the Egg argument. If you argue on post seasons wins and Super Bowl, you might as well put the QBs that had won Super Bowls with FAR less numbers than the guys like Dan Marino, Kelly, and Tony Romo! If we are talking about pure numbers and ability, then Romo is without a doubt TOP FIVE!!! Lets stop with this stupid arguments.

  2. Glenn says:

    They had a great offensive line to finish off the game and if that wasn’t enough, Emmitt was so good at moving the chains late in a game. Troy didn’t have to throw much in 2nd halves of games. They wore them down and finished them off with a heavy dose of Emmitt. It wasn’t mentioned but they had a really tough nosed defense. They were just so solid on both sides of the ball. People forget that!

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    It’s all about finishing. You win the game in the 4th quarter. You win the season in the 4th month (December). And you win the playoffs in the 4th game (the Super Bowl). These Cowboys have not been able to do that for a long while.

    Stats are for losers. Aikman was perfectly willing to sacrifice his passing numbers and hand the ball off to Emmitt Smith, because all he wanted to do was win the game. He didn’t want to be the next Dan Marino. He was determined to be a Super Bowl champion. In fact, after the 92 season, he told Michael Irvin, on a golf course (of all places), that he wanted to win more Super Bowls.

    But it’s a team sport. If you ask Aikman or Emmitt today, they’ll give all the credit to their offensive linemen, their defense and their special teams. They’re humble, but proud. Because they (the team) won (finished) football games, and now they’re all champions.

    Yes, Tony Romo is a good quarterback. He puts up spectacular numbers. He’s breaking records! How many playoff games has he won? How many championships has he won? Answer: one and none.

    He doesn’t have a team around him that can finish football games. He doesn’t have an offensive line that can block and open holes. He doesn’t have a running back that he can depend on. He doesn’t have a defense that can shut down opponents. He doesn’t have a special teams that can come through in a clutch. So all his numbers are essentially meaningless.

    Romo is either the next Marino or the next Aikman. (He will never be the next Staubach.) But that will depend on the team around him. Elway lost three Super Bowls, before the Broncos built a team around him. And then he won back-to-back. Marino got to one Super Bowl, lost, and never got back. Romo has yet to advance beyond the divisional round. Danny White at least made it to three NFC championship games.

    I am tired and sick of all these people talking about the quarterback. Look at his numbers! Please. The only thing that matters is winning, finishing the game. And for that you need a team that is solid in all three aspects.

    How will these Cowboys fare this season? I don’t know. Naturally, I want them to win. But all I can do is stand on the sidelines and suffer.

    • Glenn says:

      Romo is a very good QB on a very mediocre team. You’re correct they need to build this team back up, but years pass in the process. Didn’t Jimmy always say in order to win you had to dominate 2 of 3 units (Offense, Defense & Special Teams) to win in the NFL? We have a nice offense but haven’t had a rushing game until Murray came along the last 4-5 years. So we saw hope in 5-6 games that Murray played. We can’t pass block consistently, so we don’t have a dominating offense. We’re mediocre in the red zone because we can’t run the ball. On defense we can’t even act delusional and claim we control the line of scrimmage on that side of the ball. So we go into every game behind the eight ball. We’ve made some decent signings and we’ll see how what we have in 2 years from this draft.

      When you’re QB has a 3 to 1 ratio, TD’s to INT’s and you can’t win more than 8 games, it’s very telling. Lot’s of holes and only so many holes you can fill in one or two seasons. This is a process outside of Carr, the signings and picks have to prove what they can do. Are they really an upgrade this year or will it take a year or two. I’d like to believe Claiborne will just improve week by week and be a fixture for years to come at a high level. They are trying to rebuild the O line and IMO it was a great move getting a new line coach in here, anyone to pump some life into it and really develop last years crop.

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