Jets O Line coach takes a shot at Bill Callahan

Seems the new Jets offensive line coach wants to battle Rex Ryan for the biggest shit talker on the Jets coaching staff, read here.

He says he expects the five starters in place from last year to carry over, and he believes that unit has the “makings of the best line in football.” And he’s not concerned about living up to Callahan, who was well-respected and liked by his players.

“The difference between me and Bill: I have a Super Bowl ring, and he doesn’t,” said DeGugliemo, who won a Super Bowl XLII ring as the Giants’ assistant offensive line coach. “I’m not worried about the ghost of Bill Callahan.”

Now explain to me the need to try and point out that Callahan doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring in trying to pump up your own merits. All he had to say was that he was a part of a Super Bowl team and thinks he’s just as good of a coach.

Jets are just full of jerkoffs.


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3 Responses to Jets O Line coach takes a shot at Bill Callahan

  1. IceboxNZ says:

    What a douche

  2. lostar2009 says:

    Giants oline was light years ahead of the jets.. i remember mark getting destroy back there. While it seem as the giants was plugging in nobodies with little fall off.

  3. Anonymous says:

    DC, I don’t see the jerk factor here. He is stating facts…

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