Ranking the NFL Divisions – By Quarterback!

As far as wow factor I think the NFC East has it in a lock, read here.

3) NFC East
1. Eli Manning, Giants
2. Tony Romo, Cowboys
3. Michael Vick, Eagles
4. Robert Griffin III, Redskins

The QBs in this division are all must-see TV. Manning has two Super Bowl rings and a growing reputation as a clutch performer. Romo had an excellent 2011 season that should quiet some of his critics. Vick started poorly last season, but he became more patient and efficient during the last quarter of the season. RG3 landed with the perfect coach to take advantage of his talents.

The AFC North is way too low. And the NFC South is not #1. Matt Ryan has never even won a playoff game. Move them to #4 and move NFC North to number 1.


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