Joyner says Romo is Top Five NFL QB

KC Joyner says Romo is Top Five NFL QB in a recent article that I can’t read because I gave up on paying $7.95 a month for the Insider subscription which is worth about #1.95 if you ask me…

Jemele Hill. You’re Firrrreeeddd! lol.

Big Ben is 456lbs which is why he gets away from sacks. Romo is the master escape artist in the NFL right now along with Mike Vick. And the Lions game was worse than Jets game.

Big up to Michael Smith though. He knows.


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3 Responses to Joyner says Romo is Top Five NFL QB

  1. Anonymous says:

    U people kill me dogging Romo, he is a top 5 qb the numbers don’t lye Maybe he he played both sides of the ball u mofo,s could blame him for every thing, I bet he could have caught cruz Run down the side line, SMH! They hate the Dallas Cowboys Point Blank Period Peyon Manning Can be back the and it would be the same thing. I can’t help that ur team has an old ass high school field to play on its not Romo It’s the Dallas Cowboys.

    This Year There Will Pay….”………….

  2. jerichoslim says:

    Insider is only $40 a year.

  3. jerichoslim says:

    DC, you’re just like a big brother. You can talk shit about Tony Romo, but nobody else outside the Cowboys family can. I actually like that, it lets me know you are truly a fan.

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