Which Cowboys CB will play in the slot this season?

Many are assuming that Orlando Scandrick will be used as the ‘Nickel CB’ for the Cowboys defense in 2012 with Brandon Carr and Mo Claiborne as the starters.

We are doing this because we have seen Scandrick play this role for a while now.

But in 2012 we should let Rob Ryan get these guys into training camp for about two weeks before we know anything about the roles these CB’s will be playing for the Cowboys.

Check the numbers for Scandrick, Jenkins, Newman and Carr last season…

Looking at those numbers maybe Newman should have stayed and Scandrick sent packing. All I can say is the Cowboy’s top three CB’s all stunk last season. Forget sugar coating it by saying the pass rush was terrible. The Cowboys had 42 sacks in 2011 which was as many as the 49ers and only 8 less than the NFL high of 50 for the Vikings and Eagles.

This defense just could not get the job done in crunch time. We all saw them play ok for three quarters and then melt in trying to secure a late lead.

Comparing Scandrick and Jenkins. Ryan will have to determine if Jenkins can play the slot or if he wants to keep Jenkins exclusively on the outside and let Mo Claiborne play some slot CB.

I guess we should also wait and see if Jenkins shows up for the minicamps after asking for a trade. If he gets in Ryan’s doghouse before we even get to Training Camp Scandrick may win the Nickel job by default as Jenkins may be playing for another team.

Can’t wait to see how the 4th CB handles his role if everyone stays put.


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11 Responses to Which Cowboys CB will play in the slot this season?

  1. Wow bad data. Bad Poll. Apples and Oranges Scandrick plays the slot. Doesn’t have sideline to protect. Try ranking against other slot corners. This is the kind of stuff I would expect from large media outlets that don’t understand the Idiosyncrasies of positional defense.

  2. lil L says:

    DC…Can you honestly say you would rather have Scandrick under contract over Jenkins in this situation??

  3. I would have to agree with DC. Comparing Scandricks to other Slot corners in the NFL? Let me give it to you guys right now! He’s is one of the WORST!!! look it up yourself. He gave our opposing QB career days last year! over 121 QB rating when they faced us! Completion rate for opposing QB? over 86%!!! Stew on that! Jesus, my mom can play better because she can at least cover the goal post.

  4. Anonymous says:

    jenkins gave up the most tds but he was still by far the best. His longest completion giving up was 36 yards. Gave up the least completions. I don’t know how you could even say scandrick is better than him. DC your numbers just prove that

  5. Anonymous says:

    carr gave up 3tds last year just as much as newman. So Dc are you going to say newman and carr had the same type of year. So your point about jenkins giving up 4 tds is not a valid point

    • How many games did they play? Newman and Jenkins both missed games and still gave up as many or more TD’s.

      Jenkins missed four full games and still gave up more TD’s than Carr.

      Try again.

      • lil L says:

        We know carr is going to be a state the subject is who mans the slot, and numbers show that Jenkins is a better corner but can he play the slot is the question.. He is on the field more than scandrick and gave up less yards against him, his yac is better as well which could mean he can tackle better when he wants to, and i might add he was thrown at less than scandrick… Thats bad news when ur on the field less than jenkins, that shows you we’re being picked on!! And we all saw that!!

  6. chris says:

    i heard the guys on talking cowboys bring up an interesting idea . how about when in the nickel package play claiborne in the slot and play newman & carr outside and move scandrick to free safety where he would just defend the deep ball or play CF and be a ballhawk . worth considering i think . that might maximize everyones talents

    • I know you meant Jenkins above.

      And yeah I heard that as well. But Scandrick may not like idea too much. He’s been adamant about staying at CB.

      The Star position was talked about for him in the past. That’s the role Darren Woodson used to play back in the day. Sort of like hybrif LB/Safety spot. Scandrick not the biggest guy though.

      May justcome down to Scandrick and Jenkins both getting a lot of time in the preseason and best man wins.

      • DaBoogityMan says:

        Woodson could play that role because he was an outside LB in college — he understood the position. Woodson was a better athlete than many gave him credit for being.

  7. Glenn says:

    I think Scandrick will be the slot guy, a very tough position. The lack of pressure allows slot receivers to work inside and out more easily. Scandrick did a pretty good job on Welker until late in the game. The stats don’t tell the whole tale of that day, but he wasn’t able to stop him when he absolutely had to. Then again, few shut down Welker without help from the LB’ers help.

    We were a mess defensively for a variety of reasons. Lack of pressure up front (no push in the middle), inability of ILB’ers (James & Brooking) to cover, CB’s playing different styles didn’t help. The Newman Cushion was tough to watch but limited the coverages. Poor or ineffective safety play all contribute to the difficulties seen by the defense. We improved the back end, but we’re unsure if any of the draft picks will improve the pressure up front. The 3 levels work together and the weaknesses on each level relegated this defense to “awful”. For me, it’s hard to judge the individuals when the unit was unable to work together. We just didn’t have enough early picks to revamp the whole defensive line. I think the defense may be a little better with the new addition at inside LB’er and of course the 2 new corners. That may enable a few more stops and get the D off the field in the 4th quarter. The lack of pressure still concerns me.

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