Spencer will be attending Cowboys upcoming practices

There had been some speculation that maybe Anthony Spencer would stay away from the Cowboy upcoming team functions in order to try and getb the team to put a long term deal together for him…

There is your answer. Spencer will be in attendance. Sounds good to me because I am now ok with keeping him for the franchise deal and seeing how he plays in 2012 with an improved secondary behind him. If their was ever a season for him to come thru with 10 sacks this would be it.

The Cowboys drafted Kyle Wilber to take his spot if things do not work out. Spencer has to put up his best season or they will allow him to walk next Spring.


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2 Responses to Spencer will be attending Cowboys upcoming practices

  1. Anonymous says:

    Both Spencer and Jenkins will be allowed to walk next offseason..

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is so much to defense than sacks. I don’t care about sacks. I care about QB pressure. Get pressure and make him bad decisions. That’s the difference between the G-Men and the Boys. Giants all about pressure.

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