Is Mike Jenkins trying to force Cowboys into trading him?

Is Mike Jenkins trying to force Cowboys into trading him?

Rosenhaus kept Desean Jackson away from the Eagles last season to try and force their hand as well. We all know what a weasel Rosenhaus can be with these players.

Right now I could care less if he;s back with the Cowboys. People are trying to tell me how good he is and then I see highlight after highlight of him giving up touchdowns.

Think about this one for a second. Terence Newman was so bad at the end of 2011 the opposing teams targeted him so often and won they never got around to showing us that Jenkins wasn’t any good either. Even if he was better in 2011 than he was in 2010 he still wasn’t anywhere near the player he was in 2009.

All we hear from the players these days is that they weren’t as good last season because they were kept away from the teams training facilities due to the lockout. See Miles Austin. And yet Jenkins is staying away voluntarily while also rehabbing from a serious shoulder surgery. He decided to stay in Florida all Spring where the Cowboys can’t monitor him at all.

Jenkins is a weak minded clown who asked for a trade the second the Cowboys drafted Mo Claiborne. Scared of a rookie, lol. Charmin people, Charmin.

Get rid of the bad karma this guy is going to be bringing into the Cowboys locker room if he does decide to show for team camps.


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16 Responses to Is Mike Jenkins trying to force Cowboys into trading him?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gotta trade this guy ….Get something instaed of nothing , …coulda traded Marty B , but jerry for some reason kept him…

    • chris says:

      at best you’re probably looking at getting maybe a 5th or 6th rd pick for jenkins . dude is coming off serious shoulder surgery and is a free agent who’s gonna want a big pay day .. the cowboys may get more in the form of a compensatory pick when he goes FA than they will by trading him .. plus just go back to that jets game week #1 last year and we had our #4, #5 & #6 db’s on the field bc of injuries .. when they say u can never have enough good cb’s they weren’t over stating the situation

  2. chris says:

    they call it depth . unless u have adequate replacements for these players it makes no sense to get rid of him . let me ask u if carr or claiborne get hurt who’s replacing them? i don’t see any other corners on this team that will be in camp that look like capable every down nfl cb’s . plus given his current status (rehabbing from shoulder surgery) and his injury history and the fact he’s going to become a FA you won’t get more than a 5th rd pick for him, just go ask philly what they got for asante samuel . the cowboys will probably get more in a compensatory pick than they would in trading him. so let him sulk and feel sorry for himself, we all know that the only way he’s getting a decent pay day is if he tows the line. no teams gonna overpay to get a cry baby malcontent and he and his agent know that trust me

  3. Yeah, I agreed with Chris. We ought to get something for him out of a compensatory pick. I don’t know, i think Mario Butler is pretty damn good CB. I really do think he will step up for us. I really thought he would have made the 53 man roster last year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stop it. Don’t go trashing a player and his ability. I hate when fans do this. You don’t understand business. Jenkins held his own last year. It wasn’t 2009 but he was solid and you know it. The gias threw at jenkins 4 times and he had 3 pass break ups. Against the cardinal he had fitzergerald and played really well. Stop with this DC. Its just like with crayton. We all know claiborne is penciled in as the starter so there is no competition. You are making him out to be something he is not. As long as he is getting heathly and showing up in shape for something mandotary its ok.he is in contact with the cowboys. I hate how everyone is making it seem as our offseason program is all the difference its not. He can work out where ever. Other players do it. Your trashing a guy and going after his character but you having heard anything official or real from him. Mike jenkins doesn’t have a facebook or twitter. Espn and nfl network would have been all over it. Stop with your fake journalism because your just giving an ignorant opinion because you don’t have all the information. The guy works out in florida every year, its where he is from. You didn’t have a problem with it then why now.

    • You’re a moron. I give you the actual proof of his asking for a trade and you still don’t buy it. He used to have a twitter account also which he cancelled.

      And why now. BECAUSE HE JUST HAD SURGERY ON HIS SHOULDER which I explained in the blog entry above you fucking moron.

      Go away. You are too stupid for this blog.

  5. Anonymous says:

    4th CB is about where a guy of Jenk’s coverage skill and tackling ability should be.

    As bad as TNew was last year, he allowed 9 ypa. Jenk allowed 11 ypa in 2010.

  6. CuttyCain says:

    All you Cowboys fans feeding into the negativity about Jenkins. The man put his body on the line last year for Dallas played hurt and still was our best corner. Do you really believe Scandrick is any where near Jenkins. The man is a top corner when healthy and confident period. Cowboys fans always wanna get rid of the good players and keep the ones ain’t worth a damn.

    • Saying he was the best CB on the 23rd ranked pass defense is not saying anything.

      I hate Cowboys fans who fall in love with shitty players and want to keep them around forever. I want to win some games. Not sit around and watch the team go 8-8 with your favorite player Mike Jenkins.

      • Anonymous says:

        So I guess that weak pass rush had nothing to do with the pass defense being so bad huh? Come on Dc, Mike Jenkins is not the reason Qb’s were torching this defense. How can you say Jenkins was shitty but not mention anything about Scandrick? Just because Jerry was dumb and payed Scandrick and Sensabaugh and not Jenkins doesn’t mean Jenkins is shitty, It just means Jerry is a shitty GM. Jenkins deserves to be here over those two. And I hope you don’t think Brandon Carr is the savior. I bet if you let those corners compete for their jobs , Mike Jenkins would win one of the starting corner jobs. I think he’s just as good if not better than Carr.

      • CuttyCain says:

        I never said Jenkins was my favorite player Im just merely stating facts. If Jenkins shitty then most of our team was shitty as well. Me personally don’t like going back and forth with a fellow Cowboy but I’ll leave it with, I understand your position on Jenkins Dc.

  7. Vince McMan says:

    Jenkins your Fired!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I agree says:

    Trade Mike Jenkins 4 Danario Alexander Str8 up!

  9. The Soothsayer says:

    I’m with you, Fanatic. I’m tired of the losing. It gets boring after awhile. And I’m sick of these second- and third-tier players hanging around, pouting about not getting paid what they imagine they’re worth.

    Look at the teams who are serious Super Bowl contenders, like the Patriots, the Packers, the Giants, and the Ravens. What do these teams do that the Cowboys do not? They’re constantly churning the bottom of the roster. They draft well, and they don’t make stupid trades. They also don’t overpay for free agents in the desperate wishful thinking they’re only one or two players away from a championship.

    I couldn’t care less about Mike Jenkins. He’s a decent corner, and he has and will play through pain. But if he wants to be traded, I say trade him. A malcontent coming off of shoulder surgery won’t get you much though. He’s not that valuable.

    As for Claiborne, he does have the skill set. But he hasn’t played a down in the NFL. Just watch, these first-tier receivers are going to torch him like burnt toast, if he starts as a rookie. He’s going to need at least two or three years to develop.

    He’s just like Dez Bryant, without the off-field problems. This is Bryant’s third year in the league, and he needs to step up. He needs to know the playbook, know his routes, and become the game changer he supposedly is. But, honestly, I don’t think Romo trusts him all that much.

    You had to come of age in the 70s as a Cowboys fan to truly understand the Dallas Cowboys. You really did. Back then, everyone knew all the players, knew their numbers, knew their stats, because they were a team that stayed together for years. And they won football games. There really wasn’t much turnover, except for the Dirty Dozen draft in 75.

    Most of these younger fans today only know the 90s Cowboys. And that’s understandable. You only know what you grow up with. But to truly understand you have to also know the tradition, the legacy, what made the Dallas Cowboys America’s Team.

    These Cowboys today, I don’t recognize them. I can’t wrap my mind around Dallas being a .500 team for over a decade. I blame the demon in possession of Jerry Jones, the demon of ego.

    • Glenn says:

      Memories of the 70’s, a grand time for the growth of a still very young franchise! You’re correct about the fact that good drafting and churning the roster is key to being able to compete for a title. I’ve moaned about the number of below average players (league average) on this team. Having a handful of very good, talented players isn’t enough and the inability to hit on draft choices, not only as starters but significant contributors has been missing. The talented players enable us to have a little hope, but not enough to be a true contender. An injury to any of the 5-6 top players and we’re bringing guys like Sammy Morris.

      What to do with Jenkins? It’s a puzzle really. I don’t mind having him here this year as part of the CB rotation. We wouldn’t get much for him in a trade right now. Most teams have allocated their money, so that big contract probably isn’t available to him this year. What team is going to give away a draft choice as high as a 3rd or 4th for a guy coming off of shoulder surgery? It’s not happening or at least I don’t see it coming. Now that can change in camp if someone goes down at corner around the league. Then the trade value can rise to maybe a 4th at best, should he show that he’s healthy. I don’t see the purpose in trading him. He wasn’t bad last year and I thought played pretty well overall. DCF put up stats on the CB’s and is weren’t pretty decent. Almost comparable to Carr’s. Granted teams targeted Scandrick with slot receivers and Newman whenever they needed a quick 8 yards with the cushion he provided. Rosenhaus will probably keep him out of camp and make things unpleasant. I’m fine with seeing what Mario Butler has too. Wish he got some snaps last year and valuable experience. I was hoping on the playoffs but didn’t see us stopping 3 teams on defense to get to the big game.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re complaining about 2nd and 3rd tier players wanting to get paid Well Brandon Carr is a 2nd tier player that got paid. Even Jerry acknowledged that he overpaid Carr.

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