Golf Anger: Beckett and Romo completely different situation

Listen to the reason and factors that have some Red Sox fans pissed at Josh Beckett for going golfing…

If the Red Sox fans are mad at Josh Beckett about this I understand because of the variables in play, but when Cowboys fans get mad at Romo for playing golf in June I will never understand.

One guy is doing this during the season when he is supposed to be taking it easy because he can’t pitch on his start day. If you can’t physically pitch and be on that mound for your teammates then you should not be out golfing and endangering yourself to further injury. His teammates should be annoyed with him.

The Romo stuff is at the other end of the spectrum. He puts the clubs away during the season. He has never missed any offseason meetings or practices to go golfing. He golfs on his own time during the Spring.

Would love to hear your opinions on this in the comments.


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6 Responses to Golf Anger: Beckett and Romo completely different situation

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    Well, being a pitcher for the Red Sox and being the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys are two entirely different things, especially when it comes to media exposure. But, yeah, you’re right, this whole Romo and golf story is way over the top.

    Aikman played golf too. I don’t remember him playing competitively, more as a means of relaxing or for some charity event. Still, it didn’t generate headlines all over the world.

    Aikman also dated country and western singers. He was just more reserved about it. In fact, he had a deal with the manager of the grocery store whereby he could come in after hours and do his shopping in private. He was very conscious of his image.

    Once, during training camp, he came home and found two naked girls swimming in his pool. They invited him in. He called the police and had them arrested for trespassing. That’s the way it has to be when you’re the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. To my knowledge, he never frequented the White House or got on Irvin’s sex party plane. I’m sure he had his women. I mean, a guy like that. But he was always discreet.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s the new media, the Internet, the blogs, Twitter, and all the instantaneous reporting all the time. Romo came along at a time when the scutiny is unimaginable. Everything he does gets overblown. I thought the coverage of his trip to Cabo was ridiculous to the extreme. Witten was on the same trip, but nobody made fun of him for it.

    So Romo likes to play golf, big deal. He doesn’t allow that to interfere with football. But if you think the scrutiny on him is extreme now, wait till he wins a Super Bowl.

  2. Glenn says:

    Today’s media has made live tough on players. Athletes can’t do anything without someone taking a photo or video of them. I worked in the NY media for 7 years in the 70’s and learned plenty about players and their off field activities. Biggest issue that few people are aware of is in baseball, drinking was a major problem for many players. Some players are legendary for their activities. What do you do on the road after a game? Drink or hang with the women groupies at the teams hotel or sit in your room? Nowadays, how many players jet off somewhere on their off days during the NFL season? It happens all the time with their outside activities and nothing is said because it’s their day off.

    So what Romo plays golf! If he weren’t putting in long days at VR when he’s supposed to, well then things would be different and he wouldn’t have lasted with Jerry. What are they supposed to do on the off days or hours? Sit at home, playing Nintendo or watching DWTS? Romo to his credit stays active, soccer, BB & golf during the offseason. He doesn’t miss a day of practice for golf. I didn’t have a problem when Romo, Witten and Carpenter went to Cabo, they were given the weekend off, take it easy, relax. They earned the bye. Again sit on the beach or sit on the couch? Anyone give Joe Namath a hard time during SB week when he was sitting pool side with the ladies knocking back a few? Practice was over!

    Beckett had a tight muscle and the team decided to give him a few days off. You can question his decision to golf a day or two later when it wasn’t bothering him or was it that the team wanted him to skip a turn because of how he was pitching? We don’t know that. So he went golfing with a fellow pitcher. Again today’s media crazy reporters felt it was an issue and made it one. How he answered the questions his attitude was foolish and only made it worse. He could have said he felt fine and the team cleared him to go play a round of golf. Don’t think for a minute these players don’t resent their lives in a fish bowl. Privacy is a hard commodity for them to come by. How they speak to the media has always been an issue.

    I still haven’t forgotten the 3 NY sports writers (the dirt bags) who sandbagged Billie Martin in Kansas City during his nightly drinking binge on the topic of George Steinbrenner. They got their “exclusive stories” and Billie got fired once again.

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    Oh, yeah, Glenn, you’re spot on. Baseball players are notorious.

    I remember reading an article some years back about this pitcher. It was around 1956 or 1958. He pitched a no hitter in the World Series while on LSD. And that was before the Grateful Dead made the drug famous.

    Can you imagine the uproar if something like that happened today? I mean, really. Look at how bent out of shape the media gets over human growth hormone, which isn’t even a hallucinogen. If the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys threw a perfect game in the playoffs while on drugs, forget about it. That would be front page, headline news all over the world in an hour.

    Back in the day, some players would smoke joints on the plane in front of Tom Landry. But we never heard about it. Mark Tuinei died of a heroin overdose. Nate Newton got busted with 400 lbs of pot. Michael Irvin’s sexcapades were infamous. Quincy Carter, after he was thrown off the team, came down here to play AFL2 football. He was busted for DWI and possession in a month.

    So, golf? Seriously, if that’s the only thing you got on Romo, he’s leading an exemplary life.

    But if he does lead the Cowboys deep into the playoffs, to a Conference Championship or a Super Bowl, the scrutiny will only get worse.

    • Glenn says:

      Well you have them mixed slightly, but point is the same. Don Larsen threw his no hitter (56?) while hung over. I think it was Dock Ellis who threw under LSD. Believe the Spaceman (Bill Lee) up in Beantown may have been under a variety of items during his career. Namath was notorious for coming in hung over. You mentioned the Playmakers assorted mile high activities. Sonny Jurgensen, Bobby Lane come to mind as NFL players who might knock back a few before a game.

      Romo, because he’s as good as he is finds himself under a very powerful microscope as QB of America’s Team. Some love him, some hate him. Do you notice how even the monumental failures of Ryan Leaf finds headlines to this day as “former Cowboy QB” arrested, sentenced, etc. The guy was a zero here but that’s how it reads. Why isn’t it former Charger? No story there, no traction, no wow moments. Fortunately Romo has his head on pretty well and doesn’t get pulled over for DUI’s, no drugs, no sexual assaults. Didn’t see an NFLN segment when he pulled over to help an elderly couple by replacing their flat tire? The darn guy golfs or goes on a 3 day getaway that’s their story lines. What they didn’t like was he was hooking up with Jessica Simpson while they were waiting for an interview at Valley Ranch!

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    Yeah, I got that story a little mixed up. I remember reading it way back in the early 80s, but other than that I have no recollection. It just struck me that this guy threw a no hitter on LSD. I was like, seriously? That’s quite an accomplishment.

    Read Landry’s Boys. That’s the best book on the Cowboys. You wouldn’t believe what some of those guys got away with in the 60s and 70s. Don Meredith loved to party, probably even more than Joe Namath. And Peter Gent, author of North Dallas Forty, thought nothing of smoking pot on the plane. Sex, drugs and football.

    It’s kind of funny, when you think about it. These guys could get away with just about anything, but Ralph Neely was terrified to tell Landry that he broke his ankle while riding a motorcycle. Go figure.

    Or read Boys Will Be Boys. Those 90s Cowboys were a wild bunch. Michael Irvin was a real sex fiend. And Charles Haley was one sick individual. Both are in the Ring of Honor, by the way.

    To this day I believe that when Irvin was busted at that hotel in Dallas, it was a set up. The Dallas PD was under investigation by the DEA for confiscating drugs and re-selling them. So to distract attention away from the investigation, they staged the arrest of a high-profile Cowboy. Only Aikman showed up at court to support him. The dynasty began to fall apart after Irvin stabbed Everett McGiver in the neck with a pair of scissors.

    So, when you really think about it, playing golf is nothing. Romo is well-adjusted. He’s married and now has a bouncing baby boy. He’s a nice guy. But the simple reality is this. Absent multiple Super Bowl championships, nothing he accomplishes will mean anything. He’s the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

    Danny White took a sub-par team to the Conference Championship three years in a row. He won playoff games. But he never made it to a Super Bowl, and for that he is forever villified. Staubach lost two Super Bowls, but he is revered. Aikman won back-to-back Super Bowls, and he’s a legend.

    Romo is in a difficult position, the highest profile position in all of sports. Everything he says or does will be magnified a thousand-fold. He doesn’t do drugs. He’s never been arrested for DWI. He’s certainly never run over and killed somebody, or beat up a girlfriend. He isn’t looking at 30 years in prison for burglarizing homes. He isn’t a suicide. He hasn’t stabbed someone in the neck. He likes to play golf in his down-time. What’s the big deal about that?

    Still, the brutal reality is that unless Romo wins multiple Super Bowls, he will live in ignominy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think if Romo wins one Super Bowl he will be remembered as a great QB. He will not get the same consideration as Marino if he makes it to a Super Bowl or 2 & loses. In Dallas, if the good QBs dont win a Championship, you are mentioned in the company of Meredith, Morton & White. History has colored over the fact that after Danny White went to & lost 3 straight NFC title games, a lot of fans wanted him gone. Morton was under center for our first Super Bowl appearence yet many younger fans dont even know he was our QB that year. I was born the year Meredith retired so I dont know first hand about his career, but my Dad always said that loss to Green Bay in the 66 NFL title game hurt more than the ‘Ice Bowl’ game in 67 because we actually had the ball at the end of the game with a chance to win — at least tie it up & force overtime.

    I dont think media scrutiny has changed that much when it comes to the Cowboys — I think the availability of all different media outlets has more to do with it. Meredith, Morton, Staubach, White, & even Aikman’s early career didnt have to deal with social media (twitter, blogs, etc). Landry certainly never had to contend with it. Coach Landry was destroyed in the local papers & radio in the late 80s. Can you imagine the Morton/Staubach QB situation being covered today via internet outlets — or the Clint Longley sucker punch? What would todays blogs do with what Rafael Septien did in 87 — the day after he pled guilty, the Cowboys released him! Duane Thomas, Hollywood Henderson — & we think TO was a media hot spot — those guys would have been questioned & tweeted day & night!

    I think Romo has conducted himself famously considering all of the eyes that are on him. But Ive said it before — when you are the QB of the Cowboys — win it all or you are just another good QB that missed an opportunity. Its not fair, its just the way it is.

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