Skip takes Romo over Joe Fluke-O

Skipster is not feeling the idea that Romo is behind Ravens QB Joe Flacco on the top 100 players list from the NFL network…

If Flacco was the same age as Romo and GM’s had a choice of the two players I think most would choose Romo to lead their offense.


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One Response to Skip takes Romo over Joe Fluke-O

  1. Glenn says:

    No question they would virtually all take Romo. Flacco has had a top 3-5 defense since he came into the league and despite his play they’ve won a few playoff games. Should have lost to the Texans last year but should have beaten the Patriots. That was probably Flacco’s best game of his career. Shouldn’t be that tough to win with that defense, yet he has very mediocre games. Something like 8 games last year with a passer rating of 80 or less, that’s not a recipe for winning. His OC does call some strange games, just like Romo’s OC. Flacco gets away with mediocre performance because of their defense. He had 4 games without a passing TD, that shouldn’t be in today’s game. Romo had a 3 to 1 TD to INT ratio and a rating of 102. That should win a good share of games and yes, he jeopardized 2 losses with 5 bad plays. Romo can’t have a mediocre game with the defense behind him. He has to be aggressive and successful or else. If the Ravens wanted to win now, they’d take Romo in a heartbeat, age 32 or not.

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