Romo vs Flacco: Who ya got Kurt Warner?

The NFLN crew debates Joe Flacco being higher on the top 100 NFL players list than Tony Romo for 2012…

Flacco is going to be higher because has playoff wins. But we all know if they were both the same age most GM’s would take Romo.


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7 Responses to Romo vs Flacco: Who ya got Kurt Warner?

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    The head coach and the quarterback always get more credit for wins and more blame for losses than they deserve. It’s a team sport. No coach or quarterback can win without a team.

    So, yeah, I’d have to agree with these guys. The Ravens’ defense made Flacco look better than he really was. Wish I could say the same about the Cowboys’ defense and Romo.

    Is Romo a better quarterback? I don’t know. He could be if he had a team around him.

    In the end, it all comes down to playoff victories and championships. Just ask Marino or Dilfer.

    As for these Cowboys, I remain pessimistically optimistic.

  2. Da Real says:

    Fire Heath Evans off the Network!!!!!!

  3. lostar2009 says:

    Flacco has sucess as a qb his team has been to a few playoff victories.. Blame it on the defense or not but i doubt this Ravns defense isnt prolific enough to cover up Flacco errors..

    Sure i bet Romo would have the same success with the Ravens.. The reason why Romo get 0 props this year wad because of the facf he botch 2 easy games for his team simple as that. Joe Flacco may not have been a tom terrifc but has at leaat put them in a spot to when and has seen numerous playoff berths and victories..

    Now you can compare Romo stats all you want and defend the guy but the only stat he has that is worth anything is a qb rating.. Everything else is a cowboy best record or his personal best guys. On the NFL you have to be league best or record to matter if you at LEAST want your stats to have in merrit in a debate..

    Im sorry guys Romo is good but not great so is Flacco but he has seem more success than Romo at an early age.. So it may say that at his current age Flacco may be one tick above Romo and may have a better body of work once he reach Romo age..

    Romo needs to start building his profolio up.. Im talking about playoffs wins and berths at the least…

  4. Anonymous says:

    There isn’t a more useless stat then QB wins. It’s the ESPN/SKIP BASELESS effect of sports. Flacco is product of great defense and above average running game.

    lostar2009, Brady cost the Pats game last year. Threw 5 picks against the Bills. Every QB has bad games. Romo is top 10 QB in the NFL (7 in my rankings). He, also, has 3rd highest QB rating of all time. This kid is special.

    • lostar2009 says:

      Yea Brady did throw 5 ints but how many games did he help team win last year..

      Also Romo did the same in 2007, botch a playoff win in 2006, then gave away 2 games in 2011…
      Whats the point guy???

      I know this Brady throwing 5 ints in game is abnormal but Romo doing it is typical for his behavior..

      Also please know that Brady has an elite pass with NE he can throw 100 ints in a season and still have a better Rep than Romo and thats fact. Brady has done too much won too much to be judge by 5 ints.. Tell me what has Romo done besides put up a qb rating????

  5. Michael says:

    There is no way that Flacco is better than Romo. Give me a break! I agree with Jaime…if Houston had a QB then Flacco would have lost doing nothing in that playoff game.

  6. chris says:

    another fact people aren’t even mentioning is that the ravens have had a much better offensive line than the cowboys which certainly has affected romo’s play . plus when u have anquan boldin on your team and the leading pass catcher is ray rice than you’re not a good qb . it’s painfully obvious that joe flacco is a byproduct of the offensive line, running back & defense . if romo had that offensive line, ray rice & the ravens defense we wouldn’t be having this conversation

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