Charlie Waters talks concussion issues on The Ticket

Here’s Charlie Waters talking about the Concussion issue which is a major topic of debate right now…

Cliff Harris on The Ticket with Dunham and Miller

All around this issue is tough from both sides of the fence. The players playing the game today want it to be safer and the players already affected by the concussions want to know if the NFL withheld evidence that would have told them back then of the dangers.

Most of the players still say they would not give up the game tough. Some love the enormous amount of money they are being paid to play, but some they can’t see themselves living without the game in their lives.

Falcons WR Roddy White had some critical comments recently…

In many ways I agree with White. These players all know the game is dangerous at some level. How much of a difference would the decision to play be for guys if they had the entire story of how discussions are diagnosed and treated.

Would you trade having the latter years of your life is some sort of physical and mental stress that drives some people to suicide for the ability to play for a few years in the NFL?

Tough question. Very tough.


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One Response to Charlie Waters talks concussion issues on The Ticket

  1. Glenn says:

    Really not that tough an issue. The problem for the older players is that they weren’t diagnosed, didn’t sit out maybe more than a few plays, cracked a little amyl nitrate and went back in the game. None of them would have given up the game until they got some of the big money available at the time. That’s what they were looking for from day one. A concussion wasn’t treated as an injury 20 years ago. Guys didn’t miss many plays and didn’t sit out a week or more as they do now. Coaches, trainers even the refs have to be on the lookout for guys who may have suffered a concussion. They all knew the game was physical and always one play from the end of their career. Concussions just weren’t an injury that was taken seriously in any manner, as if it didn’t exist. Today, it’s the #1 concern and probably the most common.

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