Video: Matt Johnson Highlights Video!

Just got done adding the rookies to my search list on Youtube and I find this gem…

Do some of that stuff in training camp rookie and you may find yourself starting for the Cowboys.


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2 Responses to Video: Matt Johnson Highlights Video!

  1. Glenn says:

    I realize these are a compilation of his highlights, but it appears as though he’s a heat seeking missile. Does a very nice job closing and anticipating on a ball carrier. Hits with leverage and just below the pads, so it’s clean. Almost reminds me of when Ohio State, I think used to play a rover. Johnson fill holes like a linebacker and does great work on the screens and bubble screens to blow them up. If he can grasp this D, he’s got a shot at starting IMO. Level of competition is a concern but he’s a football player with very good instincts.

  2. beWARE says:

    wow. that’s good stuff right there. love it.

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