The Blitz talks Cowboys rookie minicamp

The Blitz talks Cowboys rookie minicamp…

Crawford keeps saying he wants to play DE at around 285lbs for the Cowboys. That isn’t going to work son. You see how big Spears and Coleman are and they still get pushed around at times by these NFL offensive linemen. As I am watching him talk about the weight stuff I start seeing him as the replacement for Jay Ratliff no matter where he plays along the line. One gap assignment is definitely in his future.

Sitting next to Mickey Spagnola makes Danny Coale look like Megatron.

The next 4 seconds of film really stood out to me…


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5 Responses to The Blitz talks Cowboys rookie minicamp

  1. Anonymous says:

    need to break the first video into two parts, removed for length!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What?? YES ive seen demarcus spin WAY faster than that, AND actually beat his man…Adrian stumbled out of his spin, falling into the waiting arms of an offensive tackle. fan of the site…but cmon man.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually ware needs to broaden his moves its either a blow by or bull rush I honestly can’t remember last time I’ve seen Ware do a spin move just being real its still impressive and from what I’ve seen and heard Hamilton has many moves to get to the qb

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think 285 is good. If you look around the league you will see other 34 defense ends around 285 to 300 its about how quick they get off the line and how fast they get their hands on the linen. Now to the people saying hamilton has more moves than ware are crazy. Just because you haven’t seen him do a spin move doesn’t mean others haven’t. Ware does bull rush, blow by, hand swat, spin move, the fake bull rush, and the fake blow by. Those are all the moves I havseen. I could have missed more because I don’t look at him the whole game.

  5. DC…LOL, it seems like you and i always have crushes on the same guys. Now that our Bruce Irvin is gone, Adrian Hamilton is it!!! I don’t understand the comments on here, Adrian is a rook folks, and he’s OURS!!! The kid actually has some NICE spin moves! His strong point is…believe it or not…his BULLRUSH! He’s gonna be fantastic replacement for Ware in 3 to 4 years. 20.5 Sacks is nothing to sneeze at don’t matter where. His closing speed for the kill is UNBELIEVABLE! I’m glad he is on our team and he WILL make it. He will make impactful plays for us on passing downs. GO COWBOYS!!!

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