Heath Evans questions the HEART of Brandon Carr

Would like to know why Heath Evans decided to take a shot at Brandon Carr today?

Cortland Finnegan has a rep as a feisty CB in league circles. But that doesn’t mean Brandon Carr doesn’t play with heart. Sent out a feeler to Evans on Twitter and waiting to hear back from him.

I have never heard anything negative about Carr being a bad teammate or not giving you 110% when he steps on the field. Just don’t understand what’s behind the statements from Evans on this one.


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7 Responses to Heath Evans questions the HEART of Brandon Carr

  1. Glenn says:

    First of all Evans takes a shot at anyone and everyone who wears the Star! Haven’t heard him say a good thing on any of our players. Always a rap or he’s good / great, but? Carr is known a little as one to avoid tackling if he doesn’t have to. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have heart, just the smaller guys, CB’s, are known to not necessarily be the first guy in on tackles. Evans, not one of my faves, to say the least. Always negative for our guys!

  2. Da Real says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Evans is just bad. He has no evidence to ever back up any of his stories and never has anything positive to say about the star. Like alot of people he has cowboy envy. You can just see it in alot o these former players. Warren sapp, marshall faulk, and heath evans.

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t care what Heath Evans says to be quite honest. What has Carlos Rogers or Cortland Finnegan won to give them “heart” anyway? Just sayin.

  5. Dumb Donald says:

    Who is Heath Evans?

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