Sapp says Cowboys are still not ready for playoffs

Warren Sapp says Cowboys are still not ready for the playoffs even after adding some key pieces this offseason…

Maybe I am just drunk off the draft and getting Brandon Carr in Free Agency but I see a team who can win 11 games if they play disciplined football. And 11 wins should get them into the playoffs.

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12 Responses to Sapp says Cowboys are still not ready for playoffs

  1. DaBoogityMan says:

    Being ready for the playoffs & making the playoffs are two entirely different things.

  2. Glenn says:

    It’s not impossible for them, they did a nice job in free agency and maybe a few draft picks can hit the field. I believe you have to be solid on the 2 lines and frankly we’re still sketchy on both sides of the ball. The O line is still a work in progress and that always takes time. How will the running game be behind the revamped line and can we keep Romo upright? Then we really didn’t do anything to address the D line, which didn’t impress last year. I know Ratliff will make a few plays from time to time but truthfully I don’t find him particularly in the 4th quarter. He gets stonewalled at the line of scrimmage and provides virtually no push on the pocket. When your 2 lines are an issue, it makes for an average season at best. We’ll be better at the LB’er positions and on the back end, but without a push, when you have to get one, we’re still vulnerable. Those corners will help and if we keep Jenkins we won’t be putting an Alan Ball or Frank Walker on the field and that’s a huge plus. Can we have a better record, yes, that’s the good news. If we pick up 5 or more turnovers than last year it would be a major help in improving the record as well.

  3. If everyone remembered from last year’s games, there were at least 4 games that we blew COMPLETELY! We shoulda woulda i know, please don’t tell me because i know! However, that being said, we ARE NOT that far from making the play offs. Given we have COMPLETELY upgraded our most crippling problems (secondary) we are better off already guys. My arguments is based upon the unknown games we are going to play but, so ARE YOURS!!! We are going to be at least competitive defensively this year, unlike last year we just let teams marched right down our throats and kick the winning field goals or walked right into the end zone because we have no secondary. At least now, we are going to see RR implement the defensive schemes the way he envisioned it would be when calling blitzes because our corners are capable to cover most receivers in the NFL.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sapp looks like someone not ready to make a mortgage payment…

  5. The Soothsayer says:

    It saddens me that Cowboys fans are now content with simply making the playoffs. Advancing in the playoffs is all that matters. Used to be that making it to the Conference Championship or Super Bowl was the standard. Tom Landry set that standard, when he won more playoff games and appeared in more Conference Championships and Super Bowls than any other coach in history. (Only Belichick has appeared in as many Super Bowls as Landry, 5. Landry went 2-3; Belichick 3-2. Odd symmetry that, isn’t it.)

    Are the Cowboys an improved team? Yes. They cut off some dead meat and injected new blood in free agency and the draft. Can they make the playoffs? Sure, if they can win the division, they’re in. But what is the point of making the playoffs if you are one-and-done in the wild card or divisional round (assuming a bye)?

    This is my concern. Losing breeds losing. It gets to a team. They become so accustomed to losing that they forget how to win. This is why Dallas blew 5 4th-quarter leads last year.

    Look at the Giants. The went through a rough stretch mid-season due mainly to injuries at key positions. Still, they had the depth to at least remain competitive, and their spirit remained unbroken. When their starters returned, they won the division, marched through the playoffs and won the Super Bowl. It’s called the will to win.

    Do the Cowboys have that? I don’t know. I haven’t seen that kind of determination since 95. Switzer made the playoffs in 06, won in the wild card round, lost in the divisional. Gailey made the playoffs twice, lost. Parcells made the playoffs twice, lost. Phillips made the playoffs twice, lost in the divisional round (no, a bye is not a victory) and won in the wild card round. That’s the record over the last 16 years. The Cowboys have made the playoffs 7 times and won 2 wild card games. They have not won in the divisional round since 95, the last time they won the Super Bowl. And this is acceptable to whom, Jerry?

    Another thing that concerns me is Garrett’s play calling and game management. His schemes are too predictable. Opposing defenses know what the play is, where the ball is going, by the personnel formations. And in crunch time, when the game is on the line, Garrett calls bone-headed plays. Or does something stupid like ice his own kicker. He’s unsure of himself, and understandably so. He never made the starting lineup for any team he ever played for. He’s a perennial backup. And an average coach at best. Yeah, Troy Aikman likes him. Jerry Jones loves him. I remain unimpressed.

    I’ll give Rob Ryan a pass on last year, but only because of the lockout. We’ll see how he does with the defense this year. Still, not being able to hold 4th quarter leads, 3 by double digits, gives me pause. Maybe that’s on the players. Maybe it’s on the coach. We shall find out.

    Of course I want the Cowboys to win. But wanting and seeing are two different things. Without the will to win, this team is going nowhere.

    11 wins? It’s possible, but possible is not probable. I’m looking at 9-7, maybe 10-6, first round loss in the playoffs. That has been the habit these many long years.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll say it again I hate your damn posts Soothsayer. Always a wall of text, know it all, why don’t you become a coach since you know everything right? I love how you say these players have no will to win. They would certainly disagree with you on that. They lost 5 games because they forgot how to win? OMG what B.S….not happy unless we going to the SB every year. Well that’s not going to happen, being a fan is sticking with the team and NOT complaining when we have it rough and hit a long dry patch like a lot of teams go through.

  6. The Soothsayer says:

    Well, Anonymous, cute screen name by the way, you can kiss my royal blue butt star.

    I’ve been watching the Dallas Cowboys play football since I was a baby in 1961. I’ve stuck with them through thick and thin. In fact, they’re the only team I follow. I don’t watch baseball, basketball, hockey, NASCAR; I certainly don’t watch golf. I don’t follow college football, although I will watch if UT or TCU in playing in the championship. I also watch basketball on ocassion, when the Spurs or the Mavericks are in the Final Four. Other than that, I only watch the Dallas Cowboys play football.

    I’ve also read just about every book on the Cowboys in print. And I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars going to Cowboys games. So I’ll say whatever the hell I want. You don’t have to read it.

    Remember that game against the Eagles in 95, when Switzer went for it on 4th-and-1 twice and failed? Oh, that’s right, you’re probably not old enough to remember that game. Well, the Cowboys lost. And they didn’t lose another game after that all the way to the Super Bowl. That’s the will to win.

    I haven’t seen anything close to that kind of determination since. I’m sorry if that offends you, but then I really don’t care what you think.

    When you blow 4th quarter double digit leads, not once, not twice, but thrice, in a single season, yeah, I would say you don’t have the will to win. When you fold against the Falcons, thinking it’s a meaningless game and that you can beat the Giants in the season finale to make the playoffs, and fail. Yeah, I would say you don’t have the will to win.

    It’s not that these Cowboys have forgotten how to win. They want to win. But they don’t have the will.

    You can blame that on poor personnel decisions made by GM Jerry, or poor coaching, or whatever. But the reality is that 16 seasons with only 1 playoff victory is not a long dry patch. Not in Dallas. What it is is completely unacceptable.

    I’m not complaining. I’m simply observing. And I do not like what I see. I grew up watching the Tom Landry Show and the Beautiful Harvey Martin Show, reading the Dallas Cowboys Weekly, and watching the Dallas Cowboys win football games and championships. So you’ll excuse me if I’m a little perturbed by having to watch a .500 team for the last decade.

    Oh, and the reason why I don’t become a coach is because I’m making too much money selling real estate in a family-owned company. It’s worth millions. So you can kiss my rich white ass as well.

    Now, go shake your pom-poms.

    • True Star says:

      Keep preaching, brother. How naive or disingenuous can a person be to think this franchise is above criticism? I want my Cowboys to start contending for Super Bowls again, and the Kool Aid drinkers can stick their marketing ploys and excuses up their butts.

      • Glenn says:

        First of all this is a forum for Cowboy fans, those of us who are die hards! If you don’t like someone’s opinion disagree, but don’t make it personal. I enjoy Soothsayerz opinions as he’s probably watched as many games of our team as I have. Hitting my 50th year! Being a baby in the early 60’s spared him the anguish of “Wait till next year”.

        He had a great paragraph that started with – Another thing that concerns me is Garrett’s play calling and game management. His schemes are too predictable. Opposing defenses know what the play is, where the ball is going, by the personnel formations. And in crunch time, when the game is on the line, Garrett calls bone-headed plays.

        I’ve been saying this for years and nearly jumped out of my chair the night that Prime & Faulk did a Thursday night game we played against the Ravens. They spelled it out, that they could see what play was coming and how every route was virtually the same. After the game Ray Lewis told them he was calling out our plays based on formations / situations. That’s the type of thing worthy of serious discussion.

        But “anonymous” and everyone else, if we are really fans, chill and enjoy the banter amongst us. I do. I enjoy reading other people’s observations and opinions. I probably disagree in some form on half, but look for someone’s take that makes me go, yeah, he’s got a good point!

  7. The Soothsayer says:

    Thanks, True Star and Glenn. I appreciate that you understand where I’m coming from.

    I love the Dallas Cowboys, always have. I was raised to love the Dallas Cowboys. I remember the Ice Bowl, the losses to Cleveland and to Baltimore in Super Bowl V. I remember the losses to the Steelers. I suffered through the 80s, saw the resurgence in the 90s and the inevitable decline after.

    My thing is this. Jerry Jones has made this team unrecognizable. It’s true. No one wants to hear it, because the truth hurts.

    All I want is for the Dallas Cowboy to play like men, win or lose. I can handle a tough loss. It’s not like I haven’t seen enough of those. What I cannot handle is quitting on the field. And/or bone-headed play calls. I cannot abide that, because it isn’t Cowboys football.

    Some will understand. Others will not. I really do not care. But don’t ever question my loyalty. Thank you, very much.

    • Glenn says:

      You had to bring up those tormenting losses! The Ice Bowl was a brutal battle and the Keystone Cops game (I call it) against the Colts in SBV. Losses to the Steelers, memories of Jackie Smith’s worst hour, Swann’s dive, etc! See what you did to me ……

      My hope and I think I’m slowly seeing it is some continuity in the draft process. IMO we need to rebuild the roster. Then maybe we can battle for the title once again. Don’t know if they can do that in the years that Witten, Ware & Romo have left, but we’ll see.

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