Is Dwayne Harris still on the Dallas Cowboys?

Is Dwayne Harris still on the Dallas Cowboys?

Last April I thought the Cowboys got a steal in WR Dwayne Harris from East Carolina in the 6th round of the draft. Now I wonder if the Cowboys even know he’s still on the team.

There were rumors Harris had trouble adjusting to the playbook and was blowing too many assignments in practice during training camp. So from there I would think he needs some extra coaching to help him adjust to the pro game.

Harris can play the game. He has plenty of good film…

When you hear Jason Garrett talk about the third WR spot it’s clear they have no idea who will emerge as the next Laurent Robinson.

Here’s what annoys me a little bit. Teddy Williams. You have guys who you felt were worth a draft pick needing all the attention he can get to flourish for the Cowboys and then you have extreme projects like Teddy Williams.

This is the NFL. At this point the guys you have in camp should already know how to play football…

Miles Austin turned into a really good player after taking some time to coach him up. But he also played WR and had big numbers in college. Teddy Williams ran track. They are not comparable.

Time for the Cowboys to stop trying to shock the world with their ability to develop a track star into a player and focus on turning a good college player into a good NFL player.


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6 Responses to Is Dwayne Harris still on the Dallas Cowboys?

  1. Shawn Hackett says:

    Cowboys think cuz they drafted Bullet Bob Hayes they know what is best….but remember they also drafted Carl Lewis!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “There were rumors Harris had trouble adjusting to the playbook and was blowing too many assignments…” This says it all.

    He got just as much “coaching” as Radway, probably more because he was a draft pick, but Radway outplayed him last preseason. Harris, unlike Williams, was actually on the active roster last year and was underwhelming at best when he got multiple chances to show up. Apparently, Harris is your pet cat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the comment above. He got just as much of coachings radway. If radway didn’t get hurt harris would have been on the practice squad. Harris got his chance on special teams and was average at best. I am not giving up on him but need to see improvement. Teddy williams on the other hand should be cut. He can’t settle on a position.

  4. DaBoogityMan says:

    Not sure why someone would think that Radway outplayed Harris last year.
    In 4 games Harris was targeted 8 times for 6 receptions – 138 yards – 2 TDs.
    In 4 games Radway was targeted 12 times for 6 receptions – 91 yards – 1 TD.
    As far as special teams — Radway was pretty good on Kick returns (4 – 98 yds)
    Harris only returned 1 Kick (1 – 32 yds) & he was 3 – 25 yds on punt returns.
    The big difference in guys like Radway/Harris & Laurent Robinson — Robinson has been in the league since 2007 & knew all about the pace of the game when he got to Dallas — Radway & Harris were rookies last year.

  5. Good point about Harris. I think this guy can make plays at WR and he can help their punt/kick return game too.It was a short preseason because of the lock out last season so maybe he will benefit from a full preseason and emerge as the payer we think he is.

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