Hamilton impresses again on second day of minicamp

The Cowboys are looking for a diamond in the rough who can help their pass rush and they may have found one in Adrian Hamilton, read here.

** Rookie free-agent linebacker Adrian Hamilton, a Dallas Carter grad, opened up a lot of eyes. He had a would-be sack coming off the edge and then pressured quarterback Nathan Dick into running to his right before throwing the ball away. In the morning practice, he also displayed the ability to drop in coverage to get in the throwing lane on a slant to Cole Beasley for a deflection.

** Wide receiver Saalim Hakim had a rough afternoon, dropping two passes in on-air drills. In the morning, Hakim was slow to get up after he was pushed in the air by cornerback Isaac Madison. The referees called pass interference on the play.

** Secondary coach Jerome Henderson is going to be fun to watch. He is active at practice and instructive. At one point, he told the secondary that they never should catch a ball with their pinkies together. He wants them to catch the ball with their thumbs together because that means they are getting the ball at the highest point and not allowing the wide receiver to make a play on the ball.

If he can come in on passing situations and team up with Ware and Ratliff to collapse the pocket the Cowboys secondary will come away with a lot of turnovers.

Coach Garrett seems impressed…

We know he won’t be getting 22 sacks for Cowboys in 2012, but if he can chip in with 5-7 while forcing opposing teams to pay attention to him it’s all good. That means less focus on Ware and Ratliff.

Going to fun seeing the competition at OLB this summer.

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One Response to Hamilton impresses again on second day of minicamp

  1. lostar2009 says:

    They should have kept teddy williams at cb.. A kid new to football playing 2 different postions is alot.
    But i agree if its not there just move on.

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