First day of Cowboys rookie minicamp

Let’s get to some of the stuff coming from the Cowboys first day of rookie minicamp.

First go take a look at Bryan Broaddus’ first blog about the practices, go here.

Today was a rough day for many of these players, in the sense that not only were they in a new setting but it was now about trying to earn a living. The pressure on these players is really intense. Many have gone from being big fish in a little pond, to little fish in a real big pond. There is nothing easy about the tempo of a Jason Garrett practice and factor in the heat of the day, it really raised the stress level of these players.

Aston Whiteside and Adrian Hamilton were college defensive ends that are trying to make the switch to linebackers in this 3-4 defense. I thought Whiteside was going to play on the outside but it looks like he will line up inside for now. Like the way that he was able to drop in coverage and read the quarterback and get in position to make a play. He looked pretty natural. Hamilton showed the ability to not only drop to deflect a ball but was able to get around the corner on Tackle Jeff Adams with ease.

Really liked the movement that cornerbacks Mario Butler and Isaac Madison showed. Was really impressed with how they were able to play with quickness and position in the routes. There was not much separation from receivers or windows for the quarterbacks to throw in.

Good stuff on my boy Adrian Hamilton. Killing QB’s is all you need to do kid.

Will be adding more stuff here throughout the night.


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