Kiper: Who is more NFL ready: Barron or Claiborne?

Mel Kiper chooses between Mark Barron or Mo Claiborne as the player who is most ready to contribute on the NFL level…

These players equally ready to be big time players in the NFL. Mel is going a little overboard with the Barron stuff. I don’t see him ever being a guy who puts up a ton of interceptions.


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7 Responses to Kiper: Who is more NFL ready: Barron or Claiborne?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Before the draft. Barron was a non cover safety. After the draft. He is the next Ed Reed don’t get it.

    • lostar2009 says:

      My thoughts exactl..

    • Glenn says:

      Exactly my thoughts when I heard it. Everyone’s question was his coverage skills, because he wasn’t used that way at Alabama. They “think” he can cover, but the tape didn’t tell them much on that. It is funny!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Saban really got Kareem Jackson ready…Mark Ingram really dominate NFL last season, right? Kiper is joke. I don’t like most Bama players (T.Richardson and J. Jones only). They tend to pick in college as me.

  3. Primetime Claiborne & The Playmaker Dez

  4. lil L says:

    This is a joke, before the cowboys swooped in stole MO he was the best defensive player in the draft. Now Barron is the more NFL ready player. SMH. Love to hate us.

    • Glenn says:

      It is funny! But safety is probably the more complex position as they work with the other safety and linebackers. You can tell your corner, here’s your man, he’s yours. Safeties are the one’s who seem to get confused on who to cover? But you’re right it’s part of the hate. Only makes me stronger as a fan but it does get annoying.

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