Casserly: Brandon Carr is NOT a number one Cornerback

Got a gut feeling Jerry Jones, Rob Ryan, Jason Garrett and a $50 mil check do not agree with Charley Caserly…

Carr is a #1 CB if you ask me because he rarely allows a WR to dominate him during games. When he can man up all game and the WR shows a stat line of 3 catches for 27 yards I am satisfied with the outcome.


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3 Responses to Casserly: Brandon Carr is NOT a number one Cornerback

  1. Anonymous says:

    And that is why casserly is on nfl network instead of in the nfl. The guy made one good pick in hiwhole career mario williams. He was terrible with the redskins and texans. Same with lombardi they think they are so smart then why are you of tv instead of the nfl because you didn’t retire. You got fired for a poor job. Nfl network thinks they have incite but you have a bunch of scouts and gms who couldn’t cut it. I’m not even mad about carr its just they are so stupid. Casserly said before the draft mark barron is the best safety to come out in years well excuse me did earl thomas and eric berry not just get drafted to years ago they are the new ed reed and polulmlu. Comments like that shows me how he use to draft. Idiot. He probably that david carr was the next jon elway. Idiot

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Casserly is right, Carr is not a #1 he wasn’t even the best corner in Kansas City that was Brandon Flowers. Casserly did say Barron wasn’t better than Eric Berry but thought he was better than Earl Thomas coming out of college.

  2. Da Real says:

    Carr is a bad boy & if u dont kno u better ask somebody!

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