Broaddus talks about some rookie free agents

Here’s Bryan Broaddus breaking down some of the rookie free agents the Cowboys signed, read here.

Aston Whiteside, LB, Abilene Christian 6-2 / 260 (4.88) – Should line up as an outside linebacker but when you study him, he played with his hand on the ground in college as a defensive end. Plays with quickness and pass rush moves. Does a nice job of extending his hands to control the blocker. Can come off the edge to sharpen the corner but also penetrate with an inside move. Will shoot the gap to cause problems in the blocking scheme. Plays with technique as a pass rusher, uses a swat-rip or swat-spin move to free himself on the pass rush. Is physical against the tight end in the running game. Does a nice job of redirection when he sees the ball. Will retrace his steps to get back in on the play. Has a knack for blocking kicks. Uses his quickness to shoot the gap and put himself into position to make the block.

Adrian Hamilton, OLB, Prairie View A&M 6-2 / 250 (4.81) – Don’t get fooled by his timed speed, plays much faster than his forty yard dash time. Is always attacking the pocket. Plays with pass rush moves. Will put his hand on the ground but will do things from a two point stance. Have seen him drop as well but you want him rushing the passer. Is a good player on the move. Can get to the edge and around the corner to sharpen the edge. Will chase the play. Good at finding the ball then working down the line. Stays wide to not allow the ball outside. Athletic enough to avoid the cut block. Can be disruptive to cause turnovers. Always trying to finish the play.

Ronald Leary, OG, Memphis 6-3 / 315 (5.36) – Played left tackle at Memphis but played right guard against Central Florida. Is projected to play inside. Bill Callahan went to Memphis to work this kid out. Quick to block down, can get to the 2nd level, stays after his block. Good kick, slide, can get his hands on the rusher. Plays in a two point stance, able to adjust to the rusher. Stays on his feet. Can get some push. Will anchor down. Gets outside on the pull, missed man against Miss St on a cut block that gave up a sack. Has some shock in his punch. Had three pancake blocks in a row against Miss St on running plays. Fires into blocks. Nice job of turning back inside to pick up man on screen block. Nice position on pass set, able to adjust to the twist stunt. Will lock onto his man. Did lose balance some, never quit even though team was always badly behind on the scoreboard. Has an knee injury that is a concern but if able to come back, could be a nice player to have as one of your ten offensive linemen.

Those are three players who could really come into the mix and find themselves on the Practice Squad for sure, but maybe even getting some playing time in 2012.


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3 Responses to Broaddus talks about some rookie free agents

  1. Glenn says:

    I liked the tape you put up on Hamilton the other night. Young man was playing at a different speed then the guy across from him. Small school, but here’s where I want to see guys get coached up. Broaddus has reviewed the tape and the only knock I can see is the level of competition that they played against. Leery may be a medical issue and his feet / balance aren’t always great. Coach em up! Let’s see them go. FYI, Broaddus had given some props to Hamilton on the Cowboys show yesterday in talking with Eatmann. Must see something he likes.

  2. Da Real says:

    Saalim Hakeem is ah Burner!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Glenn says:

      Broaddus did a full list on DC site and he’s in there and listed at 4.29. That’s real impressive.

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