Audibles: Are the Cowboys now Super Bowl contenders?

Audibles wants to know if the Cowboys are now Super Bowl contenders?

I know we haven’t seen all these new players on the field yet for the Cowboys, but for the first time in a long time the Cowboys went after the players in the offseason that were addressing specific needs. This new secondary has me very excited.

Here’s the one thing I need to happen besides the players performing on a high level.

Stay healthy. Fingers crossed.


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3 Responses to Audibles: Are the Cowboys now Super Bowl contenders?

  1. Glenn says:

    Well two idiots were talking about the Cowboys superior talent. What team have they been looking at? I know I’ve been saying it’s anything but. Too many average to below average players on this team, the result of poor drafts and the trading of premium draft choices for players that were busts. Now we have added what appears to be 2 above average players at corner, which is great but it didn’t make us a Super Bowl team. We really need another draft, probably 2 before we have a really legit shot. We have not been great at developing players but I’m hoping with some coaching changes that this improves as well. Love to see the O line draftees from last year win and earn starting spots. On defense we “need” Carter to step in, step up and be a serious contributor this year. Now the GM & staff have addressed positions of weakness but how many will start and be better than the below average players before them? We were 2-4 in the NFC East and other than the 1st Giants game, we were never really in the other 3 losses. Did we close the gap with the cuts and the signings? If we can develop this draft choices into some starters, 3 per class and gain serious contributors to different packages and special teams, then we’ll be headed in the right direction. Sadly, I don’t know that we’ll break through this year in what looks to be a very tough NFC East battle. That’s the reality. We are improving, but are we jelling on the O line, as it will take some time? I’ll be rooting hard, but it will be equally difficult to break through with so many new players being added (as they should be) to the starting rotation. We may be good enough to win 9-10 games, but we may not be good enough to win more than 7. My pick is 2013 or 2014 to go for the gold, but I wouldn’t mind getting there a year early. But whatever those guys were drinking to think we had such great talent, they didn’t look obviously at our defensive players from last year (James, Brooking, Coleman, Newman, Ball, Elam, Walker to name a few) and the O line was beaten on a regular basis. Sure there are the WItten’s, Ware, Romo, Austin, Dez, Smith, Lee, maybe Murray, but that’s about it. Super Bowl talent, no not quite yet, but soon, we’re getting there!

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    All I want is for the Cowboys to stop fading in the fourth quarter and failing in December. It’s all about finishing.

    Dallas has 10, maybe 12, premium players and another 10 above average players. The other 31 players are average at best, below average at worst. This is why the Cowboys have been fading and failing for the last 15 years. The bottom half of the roster is weak.

    Used to be there was a time when the backups for Dallas would have been starters on any other team. That was because Landry and Johnson both knew how to draft for depth. Jerry Jones does not.

    If given a choice between Claiborne and Cox, Decastro and Konz. I’d go with the big boys up front. Not that I think Clairborne was a bad pick. He was the best defensive player in the draft, and you can never have enough cornerbacks. But I’d have preferred to strengthen the defensive and offensive lines, especially at center.

    I completely agree with Bob Sturm that moving up to pick Clairborne is a sign that Jerry thinks this team is only player away from a Super Bowl. That’s delusional thinking. These Cowboys are at least 20 players away from the Super Bowl.

    Yes, Dallas will be an improved team this season, but then 9-7 would be an improvement over last season. I can see 10-6 and maybe a wildcard win. But when/if the Cowboys get deep into the playoffs and go up against teams like the Giants and the Packers, they are going to be hard pressed to advance. That’s just the way I see it. But I could be wrong.

    • Glenn says:

      We can both agree and remember favorably the concept of controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Something which has been forgotten around here for years and a big reason why we’ve struggled late in the season for years. It’s no coincidence that the player considered our best lineman is toast by the 4th quarter, Ratliff. When was the last time he showed up late in a game? I would have agreed in beefing up the line over the corner a few years ago. The Claiborne move was a very good one, although it sacrificed a 2nd round selection, which was very important potentially. We’re still a long way away from being a Super Bowl team by this one selection, but it was a good move for the long haul. Jenkins was likely gone after this year for one. I can hardly imagine having a player who has the ability to get to the ball like he does. If those guards they picked up can perform at a decent level, then the failure of taking DeCastro won’t be so bad. Or do any of last year’s draft class take over in the middle of the line? If so, maybe it was ok to pass on them and select the CB. Still need 2 more good drafts! The bad drafts in 08 and 09 left a huge vacuum of too many below average players. Lack of depth shows up in December and a major reason why we struggle down the stretch each year.

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