Boise Head Coach talks Crawford on 105.3 The Fan

RJ and Shan of Newschool on The Fan talk Tyrone Crawford with Boise State head coach Chris Peterson…

Peterson talks Crawford on The Fan

A lot of people are already saying he’s a kid like Jay Ratliff who turns into a much better pro player than he ever was a college player. Coach him up.


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One Response to Boise Head Coach talks Crawford on 105.3 The Fan

  1. Glenn says:

    His former coach gives him high praise and indicates he’s a player that should improve considerably. Felt if he played one more year in college he’d be a 1st rounder. So there is hope he can learn and develop and bring more to the field year to year. Seems that they have done a fairly nice job trying to select players. I believe it all has to do with Jerry planning on keeping Red J for years to come regardless of record. If they stop the turnover in coaches and gain continuity then a long term draft plan can be employed. Needed big time in big D. Not a huge fan of Garrett the OC, just hoping he does better year to year as well. Hoping he gets a running game going and maybe we can raise our rushing TD’s, which in turn would reduce the number of FG’s. Hate trading 3’s for 7’s!

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