Barry Horn: NFL Players have an anti Cowboys bias

Barry Horn makes a very valid point here because how else do you explain Romo next to Tebow on the Top 100 Players list…

Here’s what I don’t like about this though. If the other teams have a bias out of jealousy or envy then what about the officials who are calling games.

The old saying goes that you either love or hate the Dallas Cowboys.


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2 Responses to Barry Horn: NFL Players have an anti Cowboys bias

  1. Glenn says:

    Been this way for many, many years! Really ever since a little old expansion team became relevant very quickly. Opposing players dislike the attention the Cowboys get. They despise the frequent selection of them as playoff favorites, seeing them labeled as America’s Team. They are envious of the Cowboys family that has existed. There are more opportunities after football for Cowboys players. They get national exposure in prime time games more than any other team, regardless of record (sadly). Then you want to talk about America’s QB, my goodness gracious, that’s the poster child for all that they envy. How many other QB’s have had children? How many get their own segment on NFLN to announce it? Or to show clips or photos of their wedding? The better the QB, currently Romo, the more air time he gets without really trying. It’s no wonder that he’s rarely found other than media day. He’s just fodder for some foolish story line if he speaks. Anything he says has to be controversy free or else, so he essentially says nothing. Sad that it has to be that way.

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